Eudamidas II

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Eudamidus II of Sparta
Born Sparta
Died 244 BC
Nationality Spartan
Children Agis IV Archidamus V
Parent(s) Archidamus IV
Relatives Agesistrata (wife)

Eudamidus II (Greek: Εὐδαμίδας) was the 24th King of Sparta of the Eurypontid dynasty. He was the son of King Archidamus IV, nephew of Agesistrata and grandson of Eudamidas I and Arachidamia. He ruled from 275 BC to 244 BC.

Two of his sons, his successor Agis IV and Archidamus V, went on to become Eurypontid kings of Sparta.

Preceded by
Archidamus IV
Eurypontid King of Sparta
c. 275 BC – c. 244 BC
Succeeded by
Agis IV