Eudoxia Streshneva

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Eudoxia Streshnyova
Evdokiya Streshneva (GIM, 18 c.) 2.jpg
Tsaritsa consort of All Russia
Tenure 5 February 1626 – 12 July 1645
Born c. 1608
Died 18 August 1645 (aged 36–37)
Burial Ascension Convent, Kolomenskoye
Archangel Cathedral, Kremlin (1929)
Spouse Michael of Russia
among others...
Tsarevna Irina Mikhailovna
House Romanov
Father Lukyan Stepanovich Streshnyov
Mother Anna Konstantinovna Volkonskaya
Religion Eastern Orthodox

Eudoxia Streshnyova (Russian: Евдоки́я Лукья́новна Стрешнёва, Yevdokiya Lukyanovna Streshnyova) (1608 – 18 August 1645) was the second wife of Tsar Mikhail. She was a daughter of a nobleman named Lukyan Stepanovich Streshnyov (d. 1630) from Mozhaysk, by his wife Anna Konstantinovna Volkonskaya.


Yevdokiya Streshnyova was chosen by the Tsar from several fair noble maidens and married him on 5 February 1626. She gave birth to ten children, six of whom died during her lifetime. Yevdokiya is known to have been in a difficult situation at the imperial court. It appears that the tsaritsa totally depended on her mother-in-law Marfa Ivanovna, whose firm grip had been felt in their everyday life. Both of them had the same confessor and diak. Marfa Ivanovna accompanied her daughter-in-law during all of her visits to monasteries and other places. She also chose tutors for her grandchildren. It also appears that Yevdokiya Streshnyova had no influence over Mikhail even after the death of Marfa Ivanovna. Yevdokiya Streshnyova died five weeks after her husband.

Mikhail Fyodorovich Choosing His Bride, by Ilya Repin.


Yevdokiya and Mikhail had ten children:

Name Birth Death
Tsarevna Irina 22 April 1627 8 February 1679
Tsarevna Pelagiya 20 April 1628 25 January 1629
Tsarevich Aleksei 9 May 1629 29 January 1676
Tsarevna Anna 14 August 1631 27 October 1676
Tsarevna Marfa 1631 21 September 1632
Tsarevich Ivan 1 June 1633 10 January 1639
Tsarevna Sofiya 14 September 1634 23 April 1636
Tsarevna Tatyana 5 January 1636 23 August 1706
Tsarevna Yevdokiya 1637? 10 February 1637
Tsarevich Vasily 1638/39? 25 March 1639
Russian royalty
Title last held by
Maria Dolgorukova
Tsaritsa consort of Russia
Title next held by
Maria Miloslavskaya