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The Eufaula people were a tribe of Native Americans in the United States, located in the Southeast. A Muskogean-speaking people, they possibly broke off from the Kealedji or Hilibi tribe.[1] They were part of the Muscogee Creek Confederacy.

Some Eufaula lived along the Chattahoochee River in what became the state of Georgia. The Lower Creek Eufaula settled there by 1733, and quite possibly earlier than that. With more frequent contact with Europeans and later Americans, they had trade and adopted some European-style customs.

In 1832, theirs was the only Upper Creek town listed on the census. Their people were the only Upper Creek town that moved to Indian Territory; they settled near what developed as Eufaula, Oklahoma, named for them and their towns.[1]


Their name is preserved in the modern cities of Eufaula, Alabama and Eufaula, Oklahoma; and also with Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. Lake Eufaula in Alabama.


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