Eugène Cyrille Brunet

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Eugène Cyrille Brunet was a French sculptor, born in Sarcelles in 1828 to André Brunet and Aglaé-Julie Drouet. He died in 1921.

Messalina, Eugène Cyrille Brunet (1884). Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes.

Brunet studied under Armand Toussaint at the École des beaux-arts. There he met Édouard Manet and the two made a study trip to Florence in 1857. In October 1861 he married Caroline de Pène,[1] who was painted by Manet about that time.[2] A mustached head and shoulders of the artist himself appears looking to one side in the left background of Manet’s La Musique aux Tuileries (1862).[3] In Manet's address book he is recorded as living in Brittany.[4]

A sculptor of Classical subjects, Brunet is best known for his sensuous marble statue of the recumbent Messalina, exhibited at the 1884 Salon (see above).


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