Eugène Daniel von Rothschild

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Eugène Daniel (Bun) von Rothschild
Born6 March 1884
Died25 April 1976(1976-04-25) (aged 92)
Catherine Wolff (m. 1925)
(d. 1946)
Jeanne Stuart (m. 1952)
Parent(s)Albert Salomon von Rothschild & Bettina Caroline de Rothschild
RelativesGeorg Anselm Alphonse (1877-1934)
Alphonse Meyer de Rothschild (1878-1942)
Charlotte Esther von Rothschild (1879-1885)
Ludwig Nathaniel (1882-1955)
Valentine Noémi von Rothschild (1886-1969)
Oskar von Rothschild (1888-1909)

Baron Eugène Daniel von Rothschild (6 March 1884 – 25 April 1976) or simply Eugène von Rothschild was a member of the notable Rothschild family. He was part of the 5th generation of Rothschild (measured from Mayer Amschel) his parents were Salomon and Bettina Rothschild. Descended from particularly the Austrian branch of the family.

Personal life[edit]

He served in the World War I but after the war there was less need for soldiers and thus he retired. He then married Catherine "Kitty" Wolf on 28 April 1925, after they lived together in Paris. Catherine (who was also American) was a friend of Wallis Simpson and after Edward VIII abdicated he traveled to Catherine and Eugéne's house in Enzesfeld. Shortly after the beginning of World War II Catherine and Eugéne left for Long Island where Catherine later died in 1946. Eugéne then remarried Jeanne Stuart on 21 December 1952.[1] They both lived in New York City and Long Island but eventually left to live in Monte Carlo where he died in 1976.[2]


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