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Portrait of Antoine Julien Meffre-Rouzan by Eugène Devéria (1833).

Eugène François Marie Joseph Devéria (22 April 1805, Paris – 3 February 1865, Pau) was a French Romantic painter of history paintings. He held to the taste for historic subjects that he painted according to the academic formulae of the time.

He was a student of Girodet-Trioson and Guillaume Guillon Lethière and of his own brother, Achille Devéria. He exhibited for the first time at the salon of 1824 and saw success with La Naissance de Henri IV in 1827. With Eugène Delacroix and Louis Boulanger, he was one of the main proponents of the French Romantic movement in painting.

Eugène Devéria had as one of his students Auguste-Barthélemy Glaize.


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