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Eugène Leterrier (1843 – 22 December 1884 in Paris) was a French librettist.

Leterrier worked at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris but then turned to the theatre. He mainly collaborated in writing libretti with Albert Vanloo. Their working relationship was productive and stress-free.[1]

In collaboration with Vanloo success first came with Giroflé-Girofla and La petite mariée for Lecocq. The pair went on to provide libretti for Potier, Jacob, de Villebichet, Offenbach, Chabrier, Lacome and Messager. Chabrier was particularly pleased with the honest and hard work he enjoyed with the librettists for his first staged works.[2]

List of libretti[edit]

With Albert Vanloo

With Albert Vanloo and Arnold Mortier

  • L'arbre de Noël for Lecocq (1880)


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