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Eugen Glueckauf FRS[1] (9 April 1906, Berlin – 12 September 1981, Oxford) was a German-born British expert on nuclear power.

Glueckauf received his doctorate in 1932 from the Technische Hochschule, Berlin. On 1 April 1933 he was fired from his research because of his Jewish heritage. Shortly thereafter he escaped from the Nazis to London. There, he was able to find work as a research assistant to Friedrich Paneth, Imperial College, London (1934–39). Thereafter, he held the following positions:

In addition to over 100 scholarly articles,[1] he published Atomic Energy Waste[2] in 1961; it became a standard reference. He contributed in the fields of micro-gas analysis of atmospheric gases, theory of ion exchange and chromatography, radio chemistry, electrolyte solution chemistry. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1969.[1]

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