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Eugene Deckers

Eugene Francis Deckers (Antwerp, 22 October 1917 – Paris, France, 1977) was a Belgian stage actor establishing himself on the British stage, Deckers made his first English language film appearance in 1946. Formerly a romantic lead, he specialized in "continental" character roles, playing many an obsequious concierge and imperious diplomat. As he grew older, Eugene Deckers expanded his characterization range to include Germans and Italians as well as Frenchmen. One of his biggest and best roles was as the amiable arms dealer Peters in North West Frontier (1959). Deckers appeared in Sheldon Reynolds television series Foreign Intrigue in the early-1950s. In 1954–55, Deckers played at least seven different characters in the French-filmed Sheldon Reynolds television series Sherlock Holmes. After appearing in over fifty film and television roles, Deckers made his final screen appearance in the 1969 film The Assassination Bureau.

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