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Eugene Goland (born 1970) is a businessman from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. He is the founder and Chairman of Offshore Outsourcing Best Practices association and Chairman of the SME Global Sourcing chapter at IAOP.[1][2] Since 1997 he has served at the President of DataArt.[3] Goland is also a co-founder of Russia’s premiere web-based portal,, one of the largest portal in Eastern Europe with 50 million users. He is the father of Elisey Goland and Nikita Goland.

Goland is a frequent speaker at international CEO/CTO/CIO roundtables, technology conferences and symposiums. He hosted and organized the Executive Technology Leadership Forum; the Leadership and Culture Change Enabled by Technology in Emerging Markets; and CIO Community of Practice Meeting, he is also guest speaker in Fordham University.[citation needed]


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