Eugene McGuigan

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Father Eugene McGuigan, C.S.Sp.
Father McGuigan in the 1922 men's baseball team photo
Occupation Roman Catholic priest
Athletic director

Eugene McGuigan, C.S.Sp. was the first athletic director of Duquesne University, serving in that capacity from 1920 until 1923. Known on campus as "Father Mac," McGuigan also coached baseball, football, and basketball.[1]

Men's basketball[edit]

Father McGuigan was the men's basketball coach from 1915–20, and again from 1922-23. During his overall tenure as coach, the Dukes garnered 66 wins and 35 losses, a .653 win percentage. Aiming to avoid the association of the name of a Holy Ghost father with the perceived rowdiness of the game of basketball, Father McGuigan was dubbed "Coach Gene Martin" in newspaper reports.[2]


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