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Eugene N. Borza is a professor emeritus of ancient history at Pennsylvania State University. He has written many works on the ancient kingdom of Macedonia. In the introductory chapter of "Makedonika" by Carol G. Thomas, Eugene Borza is characterised as a "Macedonian specialist".[1][2]

Published works[edit]

  • 1962 - The Bacaudae: A Study of Rebellion in Late Roman Gaul (University of Chicago, Department of History)
  • 1974 - The Impact of Alexander the Great (Dryden Press, ISBN 0-03-090000-X)
  • 1990 - In the Shadow of Olympus: The Emergence of Macedon (Princeton University Press, ISBN 0-691-00880-9)
  • 1995 - Makedonika (Regina Books, ISBN 0-941690-65-2)


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