Eugenia (given name)

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PronunciationEnglish: /juːˈniə/
Greek: [evʝeˈnia]
Italian: [euˈdʒɛːnja]
Portuguese: [ewˈʒeniɐ]
Galician: [uˈʃia]
Spanish: [euˈxenja]
Catalan: [əwˈʒɛniə]
Other names
Related namesEugenius, Eugenio, Eugene, Eugenie

Eugenia is a feminine first name related to the masculine name Eugene that comes from the Greek eugenes 'well-born', from eu- 'well' + genes 'born' (from genos).[1]

Variants include Eugénia (Portuguese), Eugénie (French), Eugènia (Catalan), Uxía (Galician), Evgenia (Greek: Ευγενία), Eugenija (Lithuanian) and Yevgeniya or Yevgenia (Russian: Евгения) as well as Yevheniia in Ukraine.

Many people have had this name, including:



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