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Eugenia Duodu
Alma materUniversity of Toronto Mississauga
Scientific career
ThesisThe Development of Receptors and Chemosensors for the Recognition of Proximally Phosphorylated Motifs (2015)
Doctoral advisorPatrick Gunning

Eugenia Duodu is a Canadian chemist and the CEO of Visions of Science Network for Learning (VoSNL).

Early life and education[edit]

Duodu grew up in a Toronto Community Housing (TCH) development in Etobicoke.[1][2][3] She credits her teachers and past TCH mentors for fostering her passion in science, but also notes that as she further progressed through science training, she was one of the few remaining black women or from community housing.[1][4][5]

In 2010, Duodu completed a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry and biology at the University of Toronto Mississauga.[6] Duodu then pursued a PhD in medicinal chemistry at the same campus, under the supervision of Patrick Gunning, where her thesis focused on developing phosphoprotein recognition agents for disease detection and treatment.[4][7][8]

During her PhD, Duodu volunteered with VoSNL - a non-profit organization which provides science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) focused educational programs, through weekly local science clubs, for youth from low-income and marginalized communities.[2][9][10] Duodu coordinated weekend science clubs for Grade 4-8 children living in TCH developments, and was a member of the VoSNL board of directors.[2][3] Duodu also co-founded the Creating Global Citizens project, through which she worked with TCH youth communities to furnish an Ghanaian library, as well as other initiatives in Uganda, Tanzania, Jamaica and Trinidad.[4][11][12]


Duodu is currently the CEO of VoSNL.[9] She currently takes part in several activities to improve science literacy, where her goal is to make a long-lasting impact in disadvantaged communities through STEM engagement and thus allow youth to unlock their potential.[1][5][6][13][14][15][16][17] In 2018, at a TEDxYouth@Toronto event, Duodu shared her science journey in a talk titled "The 'Unlikely' Scientist."[5][18][19]

Awards and recognition[edit]

In 2012, Duodu was awarded the Harry Jerome CIBC Academics Award by the Black Business and Professional Association (BBPA).[4][20][3][21] In 2013, Duodu received an Adel S. Sedra Distinguished Graduate Award, which is a $25,000 fellowship to recognize a graduate student who demonstrates academic and extra-curricular leadership.[6][11] Duodu was also recognized as one of the 50 faces of the University of Toronto Mississauga - an initiative to celebrate individuals who have influenced or been influenced by the university.[6]

Selected academic publications[edit]

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