Eugenia Rico

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Eugenia Rico

Eugenia Rico is a Spanish novelist, poet and journalist.


Coming from a poor family she won her first literary award at the age of five. She studied Law and International Relations in Oviedo, Toulouse and Brussels but gave up everything to dedicate herself to literature. She traveled through the whole world, including India, South America, China and Africa.

She started writing and, after a difficult period in which she even sold flowers in the street, she worked in the reconversion of mining communities. Her first novel "Sad Lovers" was a great success winning her wide recognition. Afterwards she published "The White Death" (dealing with the loss of his little brother).

She contributes to El País, El Mundo, La Revista de occidente, La Nouvelle Revue Francaise and Der Spiegel. She has been the first Spaniard selected as a "Writer in Residence" in the prestigious Writer's Workshop of the University of Iowa also known as the Harvard of the Writers.

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