Eugenio Montero Ríos

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The Most Excellent
Eugenio Montero Ríos
Eugenio Montero Ríos (Palacio del Senado de España).jpg
Prime Minister of Spain
In office
23 June 1905 – 1 December 1905
Monarch Alfonso XIII
Preceded by Raimundo Fernández-Villaverde
Succeeded by Segismundo Moret
Personal details
Born Eugenio Montero Ríos
Nationality Spanish

Eugenio Montero Ríos (13 November 1832 Santiago de Compostela – 12 May 1914 Madrid) was a leading member of the Spanish Liberal Party before being part of a 1903 schism that divided it. He also served briefly as Prime Minister of Spain. He played a role in the 1898 Treaty of Paris that ended the Spanish–American War[1] as he was then President of the Senate of Spain.[2]