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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chaetognatha
Class: Sagittoidea
Order: Phragmophora
Family: Eukrohniidae
Tokioka, 1965
  • Eukrohnia

Eukrohniidae is a family of arrow worms.


The first species, Eukrohnia hamata, of this family was identified by Karl Möbius in 1875. The genus was named Eukrohnia by Ritter-Záhony in 1909 after August David Krohn. The whole family was named Eukrohniidae by Takasi Tokioka in 1965.[1] One of the species, Eukrohnia fowleri, is bioluminescent.[2]


  • Genus Eukrohnia, with 11 valid species.[3]


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