Eulagisca gigantea

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Eulagisca gigantea
Eulagisca gigantea NIWA specimen2.jpg
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Annelida
Class: Polychaeta
Order: Phyllodocida
Family: Polynoidae
Genus: Eulagisca
Species: E. gigantea
Binomial name
Eulagisca gigantea
Monro, 1939[1]

Eulagisca gigantea, the giant polynoid worm, is a species of marine Polychaete worm belonging to the family Polynoidae, the scale worms. This species is found on the seabed in the Southern Ocean.[1]


Eulagisca gigantea can grow to a length of 20 cm (8 in) and a width of 10 cm (4 in). It is dorso-ventrally flattened and has 40 segments. The prostomium is oval and the back part is concealed by a nuchal fold.[2] The eversible proboscis bears a pair of large jaws and is about a quarter of the length of the whole organism. The upper surface of the body is concealed by the large paired elytra and each segment bares a pair of paddle-like parapodia at the side which are used for swimming. E. gigantea is a greyish-brown colour.[3]


Polynoids are generally considered to be carnivores,[2] and judging by the size of the jaws, this one is a predator, but its diet is unknown, and very little is known about its biology.[3]


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