Euler (crater)

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Euler crater AS17-M-2922.jpg
Coordinates 23°18′N 29°12′W / 23.3°N 29.2°W / 23.3; -29.2Coordinates: 23°18′N 29°12′W / 23.3°N 29.2°W / 23.3; -29.2
Diameter 28 km
Depth 2.2 km
Colongitude 28° at sunrise
Eponym Leonhard Euler
Oblique view also from Apollo 17, facing south

Euler is a lunar impact crater located in the southern half of the Mare Imbrium. The most notable nearby feature is Mons Vinogradov to the west-southwest. There is a cluster of low ridges to the southwest, and this formation includes the small crater Natasha and the tiny Jehan. About 200 kilometers to the east-northeast is the comparably sized crater Lambert.

Euler's rim is surrounded by a low rampart, and contain some slight terracing and slumped features on the irregular inner wall surface. In the middle of the small interior floor is a low central peak that formed from the rebound subsequent to the impact. The crater has a minor system of rays that extend for a distance of 200 kilometers.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Euler.

Euler Latitude Longitude Diameter
E 24.7° N 34.0° W 6 km
F 21.2° N 27.9° W 6 km
G 20.7° N 27.4° W 4 km
H 25.3° N 28.6° W 4 km
J 22.3° N 31.5° W 4 km
L 21.4° N 28.9° W 4 km

The following craters have been renamed by the IAU.