Eulogy Recordings

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Founded 1997[1]
Founder John Wylie, Ian Rowan
Distributor(s) RED Distribution U.S.
Genre Hardcore punk, heavy metal, metalcore
Country of origin U.S.
Location Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Official website

Eulogy Recordings is a record label based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The label specializes in heavy metal and hardcore punk bands, some of which are straight edge. Among the label's better-known signings were Set Your Goals[2] and New Found Glory.[1]

The label was founded in 1997 by the hardcore guitarist John Wylie.[3] In 1999, Ian Rowan became a partner in Eulogy Recordings and later Hand of Hope Records.

Eulogy has had exclusive distribution deals with both Good Life Recordings and Alveran Records for European distribution and is currently[when?] distributed internationally by Rev Distribution.

Active roster[edit]

This list includes bands which are currently[when?] active on Eulogy.

Past roster[edit]

This list includes bands which are no longer active on Eulogy.

Related labels[edit]

Eulogy's sister label is Hand of Hope. It has signed All in and Every New Day. The record label Goodbye Blue Skies has released albums for bands signed to Eulogy.


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