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Eum-u (음우, 陰友) (?-271) was the Prime Minister of Goguryeo during the reigns of Kings Jungcheon and Seocheon.


Prime Minister Eum-u's last name is unknown, and therefore, his ancestry cannot be traced. It is known, however, that he was from the Biryu-Bu of Goguryeo, and fathered at least one son, Sang-nu, who would succeed Eum-u as Prime Minister of Goguryeo.


Historical records provide few details on the life and background of Prime Minister Eum-u. Eum-u became Prime Minister of Goguryeo in the year 254, succeeding Myeongnim Eosu. The only other fact that is revealed is, Eum-u died in the year 271, and was succeeded by his son Sang-nu.

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Preceded by
Myeongnim Eosu
Prime Minister of Goguryeo)
254 –271
Succeeded by