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Eumops perotis.jpeg
Eumops perotis
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Chiroptera
Family: Molossidae
Genus: Eumops
Miller, 1906

16, see below.

Eumops (mastiff bats or bonneted bats) is a genus of bats in the family Molossidae.[1] A total of 16 species of this genus have been described. The name "Eumops" comes from the Greek prefix "Eu-", meaning "good" or "true," and the Malayan word "mops," which means bat.[2]


The following are the sixteen species of Eumops. Eumops chiribaya is the most recently described species of this genus, having been first described in 2014.[3] E. wilsoni was described first in 2009 by Baker and colleagues.[4]

  • E. auripendulus (Shaw, 1800) — black bonneted bat (Shaw's mastiff bat)
  • E. bonariensis (Peters, 1874) — dwarf bonneted bat (Peters' mastiff bat)
  • E. chiribaya (Medina, Gregorin, Zeballos, Zamora, and Moras, 2014) — Chiribaya's bonneted bat
  • E. dabbenei (Thomas, 1914) — big bonneted bat (Dabbene's mastiff bat)
  • E. delticus (Thomas, 1923)
  • E. ferox (Gundlach, 1861)
  • E. floridanus (Allen, 1932) — Florida bonneted bat
  • E. glaucinus (Wagner, 1843) — Wagner's bonneted bat
  • E. hansae (Sanborn, 1932) — Sanborn's bonneted bat (Hansa bonneted bat)
  • E. maurus (Thomas, 1901) — Guianan bonneted bat (Thomas' bonneted bat)
  • E. nanus (Miller, 1900)
  • E. patagonicus (Thomas, 1924) — Patagonian bonneted bat
  • E. perotis (Schinz, 1820) — western mastiff bat
  • E. trumbulli (Thomas, 1901) — Colombian bonneted bat
  • E. underwoodi (Goodwin, 1974) — Underwood's bonneted bat
  • E. wilsoni (Baker, McDonough, Swier, Larsen, Carrera, and Ammerman, 2009) — Wilson's bonneted bat


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