Eunice High School (Bloemfontein)

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Eunice High School
3 Jock Meiring Street, Park West
South Africa
Type Public high school for girls
Motto Vincit qui se vincit
(She conquers who conquers herself)
Established 1875
Headmistress Mrs Zinnette de Wet
Vice Headmaster Mr Leon van Rensburg
Vice Headmistress Mrs Mag Marais

Eunice High School is a girls' boarding school/day school in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The language of instruction is English. In 2015 Eunice was recognised as the Top Performing Public School in South Africa. [1]


Originally named the Oranje Vrij Staat Dames Instituut, the school was founded in 1875 on the initiative of the Dutch Reformed Church. The name Eunice is a biblical reference to the mother of Timothy in the New Testament. It is a Greek word meaning "happy victory". Eunice was founded in the Scottish education tradition. Its first headmistress was summoned from Stirling to replicate Scottish standards and values in Bloemfontein.[citation needed]

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