Eunice White Beecher

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Eunice White Beecher

Eunice White Beecher (born in West Sutton, Massachusetts, 26 August 1812; died in Stamford, Connecticut, 8 March 1897) was a United States author.


She was the daughter of Dr. Artemas Bullard, and was educated in Hadley, Massachusetts. When Henry Ward Beecher, a clergyman, settled in his pastorate in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, in 1837, he returned east to claim her as his bride, having been engaged to her over seven years.

Mrs. Beecher was a contributor, chiefly on domestic subjects, to various periodicals, and some of her articles were published in book form. During a long and tedious illness in her earlier married life, she wrote a series of reminiscences of her first years as a minister's wife, afterward published with the title From Dawn to Daylight: A Simple Story of a Western Home (1859) under the pen name of “A Minister's Wife.” She also published Motherly Talks with Young Housekeepers (New York, 1875), Letters from Florida (1878), All Around the House; or, How to Make Homes Happy (1878), and Home (1883).