Euphemia Allen

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Euphemia Allen
Born11 July, 1861
Tradeston, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Died9 November, 1948
Other namesArthur de Lulli
Known forComposing Chopsticks in 1877

Euphemia Amelia Nightingale Allen (1861–1948) was a British composer. She composed the song "Chopsticks" in 1877, at the age of 16, under the pseudonym Arthur de Lulli. She was the sister of music publisher Mozart Allen.[1]

Allen was the daughter of William Elder Allen, a well-known dancing instructor in Glasgow, and Agnes Allen (nee Letham). The 1901 Scotland Census states her occupation as 'teacher of the piano forte'. At the time of the census she was living with her brother E. J. Mozart Allen, his wife Christina, and their father William along with Mozart and Christina's three children.

According to her death certificate, Allen was a Music Publisher (retired). She never married.


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