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Menelaus and Hector fighting over the body of Euphorbus, on the Euphorbos plate, from Rhodes, Middle Wild Goat style, c. 600 BC, British Museum.

Euphorbus (Greek: Εὔφορβος), the son of Panthous and Phrontis, was a Trojan hero during the Trojan War. He wounded Patroclus before Patroclus was killed by Hector.[1] In the fight for Patroclus' body, Euphorbus was killed by Menelaus.[2] He was apparently one of Troy's finest warriors. Menelaus later took Euphorbus' shield to the temple of Hera in Argos. There are some accounts that claim that it was Euphorbus, not Aeneas, Cycnus or Hector, that killed Protesilaus.

The philosopher Pythagoras claimed to be a reincarnation of Euphorbus, according to Heraclides of Pontus (as reported by Diogenes Laertius).[3] In the Metamorphoses of Ovid (15, 160–164), Pythagoras is again said to have claimed to be a reincarnation of Euphorbus.

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