Euphoria (film)

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Film poster
Directed by Ivan Vyrypaev
Produced by Giya Lordkipanidze
Aleksandr Shein
Written by Ivan Vyrypayev
Starring Polina Agureeva
Maksim Ushakov
Mikhail Okunev
Music by Aidar Gainullin
Cinematography Andrey Naidenov
Edited by Igor Malakhov
Distributed by Pervoe Kinopartnerstvo
Release dates
  • June 11, 2006 (2006-06-11)
Running time
74 minutes
Country Russia
Language Russian

Euphoria (Russian: Эйфория) is a 2006 Russian drama/romance film directed by dramatist and director Ivan Vyrypayev, most recently acclaimed as a co-screenwriter of Bumer 2.[1] This drama, rightly classified as tragedy, exposes shocking truth about cultural and material poverty of Russian provincial village. In the same year Euphoria won the Kinotavr Special Prize of the Jury. At the Russian Film Festival past autumn 2007 in the United Kingdom it was appreciated also, became one of the most successful festival films.[2]

The movie stars include young and not yet widely known Russian actors such as Polina Agureeva and Mikhail Okunev. Directed by Ivan Vyrypayev, who has attracted considerable local and international acclaim for his plays (including "Oxygen" staged in more than 20 countries).


They saw each other only once. At a drunken wedding. Their eyes met. That was it. Something that they have never known before, something they cannot comprehend happened. Now they cannot live and breathe without each other. As if powerful a river stream, an almost cosmic magnetism, pulls them together with irresistible intensity. They feel as if they no longer belong to themselves, their relatives, their friends.

She lives with her husband. He is a little older; she is still young and beautiful. They have a little daughter and a mad dog. Do they have love?

And there lives he. He, with flaxy hair like steep grass and piercing deep blue eyes.

“So what do we do now? – I don't know”. The husband knows. It’s not that he is mad or foolish. He lives his own ways. What do you do when the dog bites the daughter’s finger? Cut the finger off and kill the dog. What do you do when the wife leaves the house for good? Set the house on fire. What do you do when she leaves you for a different man? He has the answer for this one as well.

And under a burning merciless sun a boat drifts into the very depths of the wise engrossing river. The two are in the boat. Dressed in niveous blood soaked clothes. Charon’s Boat to eternity.



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