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Euphoria is an emotional and mental state defined as a sense of great elation and well being.

Euphoria may also refer to:

  • Euphoria (beetle), a genus of scarab beetles
  • Euphoria, a genus name previously used for the longan and other trees
  • New York Euphoria (formerly "Team Euphoria"), a team in the Lingerie Football League
  • Euphoria an event of World Wrestling Council
  • Euphoria Telecom, a South African telecommunications company

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  • 4-Methylaminorex (commonly known as "Euphoria" or "U4EA"), a stimulant drug with effects comparable to methamphetamine
  • a propaganda technique meant to induce the emotion euphoria to boost morale or acceptance
  • Euforia (wrestler) (born 1974), Mexican professional wrestler
  • Euphoria (visual novel), a 2011 Japanese visual novel

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