Eurasia (musical group)

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Origin Philippines
Genres P-pop, OPM
Years active 2010–present
Labels Viva Records
Members Gail Nicolas
Kelly Gamboa
Lana Roi
Sara Polverini
Kristine Nieto

Eurasia is a girl group from the Philippines, created by the entertainment company VIVA Entertainment. They took the name of "Eurasia" as its members are a mix of both European and Asian (3 members are half Filipino & half European while 2 members are Asian - one full Filipino and one Filipino & part Japanese). In 2010, they launched their career by appearing on the music variety show Party Pilipinas.


Name Ethnicity
Kristine Nieto PhilippinesJapan 3/4 Filipino, 1/4 Japanese
Lana Roi PhilippinesGermany Filipino-German
Sara Polverini PhilippinesItaly Filipino-Italian
Kelly Gamboa PhilippinesUnited Kingdom Filipino-British
Gail Nicolas Philippines Filipino


Studio albums[edit]

Artist Album Tracks Year Records
Eurasia Eurasia "Working Girls" (carrier single, and soundtrack of the Working Girls film)
"Ikaw Ay Perfect"
"Kaya Mo Yan"
"Honey My Honey"
"Walk Like An Egyptian"
"Don't Be Shy, Boy"
"Hinding-Hindi (Ka Magsisisi)"
"All I Want"
"Init Ay Madarama"
"Ikaw Ay Perfect" (DJ Dabo Mix)
2010 Viva Records

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