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Eurasia Foundation (from Asia)
Eurasia Foundation Logo.jpg
Formation21 December 2009; 12 years ago (2009-12-21)
TypeNon-profit Organization
PurposeTo contribute to the elimination of all conflicts in the world and the creation of a harmonious and peaceful society for everyone on earth.
Headquarters405 Station Plaza Tower, Tokyo, Japan
Yoji Sato
Key people
Joon Kong Chung, Hidekazu Nishizuka & Chiaki Merritt
Formerly called
One Asia Foundation

Eurasia Foundation (from Asia) (一般財団法人 ユーラシア財団, Ippan zaidanhōjin yūrashia zaidan) (EF), formerly known as One Asia Foundation (OAF), is a non-profit organization founded in December 2009. Its headquarters are in Tokyo.

The organization's stated aim is increased international cooperation, with the goal of creating an international community of over 40 countries in Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and Central Asia. It offers grants to universities and other institutions of higher educations that teach courses within areas such as regional integration.


Eurasia Foundation hosts annual conventions and invites special guests as keynote speakers annually since 2011.

Eurasia Foundation Conventions
Year Location Notable Participants / Keynote Speakers Topics / Theme
2011 Hotel Lungwood, Tokyo, Japan Kang Sang-Jung (professor, University of Tokyo)

Eiichi Shindo (representative of International Academic Society for Asian Community)

"Toward the formation of Asian Community"
2012 Hyatt Regency, Incheon, South Korea Hak-Su Kim (former Executive Secretary of UN ESCAP) "Towards the Asian Community"
2013 The Museum of Asian-African Conference

The Savoy Homann Bidakara Hotel, Bandung, Indonesia

Jusuf Kalla (former Vice President of Indonesia)

Sunaryo Kartadinata (Rector or UPI)

"Enhancing Asian Competitiveness"

"Developing Education for Better Asia"

2014 Jeju Grand Hotel, Jeju, South Korea Richard Dasher (professor, Stanford University)

Yoji Sato (chairman, Eurasia Foundation)[1]

Politics and Economics

History, Education and Social Matters

Culture, Media and Arts

2015 WH Ming Hotel, Shangai, China Yoji Sato (chairman, Eurasia Foundation)

Sha Zukang (former head of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs)

Politics and Economics

History, Education and Social Matters

Culture, Media and Arts

2016 InterContinental, Phnom Penh, Cambodia Yoji Sato (chairman, Eurasia Foundation)

Anthony Jackson (vice president of Asia Society, USA)

Present and Future Prospects of Education
2017 Nagoya Kanko Hotel, Nagoya, Japan Yoichi Komori (professor of the University of Tokyo) "Various issues surrounding Peace"
2018 Lotte Hotel, Hanoi, Vietnam Al Gore (former Vice President of USA)[2] "The Climate Crisis and its Solutions"

"Hope for the Future"

2019 Lotte Hotel, Seoul, South Korea Ki-moon Ban (former Secretary-General of the United Nations)[3][4][5] "Education and Peace"

Other collaborations[edit]

The foundation collaborates with the Studies on Intermediality and Intercultural Mediation research group at the Complutense University of Madrid.[6]

In 2016, the foundation awarded Dr Kevin Cawley of University College Cork $50,000 to open a course on Asian studies.[7]

In February 2019, the foundation visited Amity University Haryana, where a 3 credit certificate course on One-Asian Community Theory was opened over a 14 week period for 45 students.[8]

February 2020, The Center for Korean Studies at the University of Washington announced they were going to host a lecture series with the foundation's chairman giving a lecture titled, "The World Will Be United in the Near Future" starting on 16 April 2020. However, due to the pandemic, the lecture was cancelled.[9]

Foundation Name Change[edit]

In April 2020, the foundation officially changed their name to Eurasia Foundation (from Asia) after the expansion of activities in Europe and the Middle East with the vision to develop their activities globally.[10]


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