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Public Company
Traded as EuronextRF
Industry Private Equity
Founded 2001 (2001)
Headquarters 8th arrondissement, Paris
Products Leveraged buyouts, Growth capital
Total assets over €5 billion
Number of employees
over 70

Eurazeo is a French investment company, formed via the merger-absorption of Azeo by Eurafrance in April 2001. The Eurazeo share is listed for continuous trading on the NYSE Euronext. Eurazeo is the majority or key shareholder of some twenty companies, including AccorHotels, Moncler, Foncia, ANF Immobilier, Elis and Europcar.


Eurazeo is the product of the April 2001 merger of two well-known investment companies: Eurafrance and Azeo (formerly Gaz et Eaux). Eurafrance, which absorbed its subsidiary Azeo and took the name Eurazeo, came into existence over 30 years ago. Over the years, the company has focused its investments on major transactions as a controlling and often majority shareholder.

Gaz et Eaux (renamed Azeo in 1999) was founded in the late nineteenth century as a water and gas distributor in western and northern France. The gas assets were nationalized in 1945, with the company retaining the water activity until 1976. Starting in the late 1970s, the company went through a gradual transition from portfolio company to pure investment company by the 1990s. In 1985, Eurafrance became a stakeholder in Azeo and regularly boosted its ownership until the takeover bid at the end of 2000.


With a diversified portfolio of more than 5 billion euros in assets, Eurazeo is one of the leading listed investment companies in Europe. Its purpose and mission is to identify, accelerate and enhance the transformation potential of the companies in which it invests.

The Company covers various private equity segments through its four divisions: Eurazeo Capital, Eurazeo Croissance, Eurazeo PME and Eurazeo Patrimoine. Its solid institutional and family shareholder base, robust financial structure free of structural debt, and flexible investment horizon enable Eurazeo to support its companies over the long term. Eurazeo is notably either a majority or key shareholder in AccorHotels, ANF Immobilier, Asmodee, Desigual, Elis, Europcar, Foncia, Moncler and Fonroche Energie and IES Synergy through Eurazeo Croissance, as well as Dessange International, Léon de Bruxelles and Colisée Patrimoine through Eurazeo PME.

Eurazeo Capital[edit]

Eurazeo Capital invests in companies with an enterprise value of more than €150/200 million. It assists them with major transformations, contributing financial, strategic and human resources. Its aim: accelerate growth and changes in its investments to help them realize their full potential.

  • AccorHotels : 4.5% held, leading hotel operator in Europe
  • Desigual : 9.8ù held, fashion brand created in Spain in 1984
  • Elis: 35.1% held, European leader in the rental and cleaning of professional textile and clothing
  • Europcar: 86.8% held, European leader in car rental services
  • Foncia: 48.9% held, European leader in residential real estate services
  • Moncler: 13% held, leader in luxury clothing segment
  • Gruppo Banca Leonardo: 19.3% held, investment bank
  • Asmodee: 79,0% held, major player in the European games market and French leader in the sector
  • InVivo NSA: 17.3% held, French player among the world leaders in animal nutrition

Eurazeo PME[edit]

A subsidiary of Eurazeo, Eurazeo PME focuses on majority investments in French SMEs valued at less than €200 million. As of January 2015, Eurazeo PME was a shareholder in 8 companies:

  • Dessange International: 76.3% held, global network of nearly 1,800 hairdressing salons
  • Léon de Bruxelles: 59.4% held, theme-based restaurant chain (mussels-chips and Belgian brasserie)
  • Colisée: 64.1% held, fourth largest retirement homes player in France
  • Péters Surgical: 86.1% held, global no. 4 in surgical sutures
  • Cap Vert Finance: 56.5% held, specialized in electronics recycling
  • Idéal Résidences: 52.2% held, senior assisted living facilities and post-acute care centers
  • Fondis Bioritech: 77.1% held, scientific instrumentation distribution and solutions
  • Vignal Lighting Group: European leader in signaling lights for industrial and commercial vehicles

Eurazeo Patrimoine[edit]

This division groups together Eurazeo’s real estate asset management and investment activities. It includes ANF Immobilier, a growth real estate investment company operating in Lyons, Marseilles and Bordeaux and Colyzeo, the European fund managed by Colony which focuses on investments with a large real estate component, in Western Europe.

  • ANF Immobilier: 50% held, downtown real estate properties in Lyons, Marseilles et Bordeaux.
  • ANF Immobilier Hotels
  • Colyzeo: European real estate investment fund, managed by Colony

Eurazeo Croissance[edit]

Eurazeo Croissance identifies and accompanies fast-growing companies, primarily from sectors driven by digital transformation and focusing on changes in lifestyle and consumption. Eurazeo Croissance invests as a minority shareholder, with an initial investment ticket of around €15 million to €20 million, through capital increases providing companies with the resources needed to fulfil their development ambitions. In addition to its financial support, Eurazeo Croissance contributes its investment company expertise and extensive international network to partner management’s long-term business vision.

  • Fonroche: 39.3% held, leading player in the clean energy sector, specializing in photovoltaic, biogas, geothermal and off-grid lighting systems
  • I-Pulse: 10.7% held, developer of innovative technologies based on high power electrical pulses
  • IES: 95.6% held, designs and manufactures electric vehicle chargers and charging infrastructures

Head office[edit]

Head office in Paris

The head office is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, 32 rue de Monceau.


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