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Eureka: Original Soundtrack From the Sci-Fi Channel Television Series
Soundtrack album by Bear McCreary
Released August 26, 2008
Genre Soundtrack
Length 76:39
Label La La Land Records
Bear McCreary chronology
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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Eureka: Original Soundtrack From the Sci-Fi Channel Television Series is a soundtrack album released on August 26, 2008, containing incidental music composed primarily by Bear McCreary and used in the second season of the Syfy original series, Eureka.[1]

The album consists of 28 tracks, and includes two variations of the Mark Mothersbaugh and John Enroth composed main theme, as well as two songs -- "Let's Get Hitched" and "EurekAerobics"—written by Brendan McCreary and Captain Ahab, respectively.

The album was released through the La La Land Records website, and is available primarily through them.[2]

Track list[edit]

# Title Episodes appeared in Track Length
01 "Eureka On My Mind" All 0:32
02 "Sheriff Carter's Theme" "Maneater" 3:29
03 "Prehistoric Love Spores" "Maneater" 2:40
04 "Allison's Theme" "Games People Play" 2:54
05 "Through the Vortex" "Games People Play" 5:04
06 "Fargo's Theme" "Noche de Sueños" 2:51
07 "The Mask of Fargo" "Noche de Sueños" 2:29
08 "The S.A.R.A.H. Mobile" "Duck, Duck, Goose" 1:18
09 "Let's Get Hitched" "Sight Unseen" 3:56
10 "When You Wish Upon Falling Debris" "Duck, Duck, Goose" 3:12
11 "Little Big Bang" "E=MC...?" 2:35
12 "Henry's Theme" "A Night at Global Dynamics" 5:23
13 "Taggart's Theme" "A Night at Global Dynamics" 2:04
14 "The Laser Canon" "A Night at Global Dynamics" 1:56
15 "Noche de Suenos" "Noche de Sueños" 3:25
16 "A Nuke for Fargo" "Try, Try Again" 5:43
17 "EurekAerobic" "Duck, Duck, Goose" 2:33
18 "Victor's Getaway" "Try, Try Again" 0:36
19 "Henry and Beverly" "All That Glitters" 4:26
20 "Jack and Callie" "Sight Unseen", "Maneater" 2:33
21 "Everyone's Dumb" "E=MC...?" 1:50
22 "The Heathers" "Duck, Duck, Goose" 0:39
23 "Zane on the Lam" "E=MC...?" 2:44
24 "Erotomania!" "Maneater" 2:28
25 "A Night at Global Dynamics" "A Night at Global Dynamics" 3:54
26 "Threat of Nuclear Cleaning" "A Night at Global Dynamics" 2:21
27 "A Town Called Eureka" 2:13
28 "Eureka on My Mind (Reprise)" 0:51