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Eurekster is a company founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, with an office located in San Francisco, California, that builds social search engines for use on websites, the search engines are called "swickis" (search plus wiki[1]).

Launching to the public on 21 January 2004,[2] Eurekster hosts around 100,000 swickis[3] for various websites, which total approximately 20 million searches per month,[4] or around 800,000 searches per day.[5]

Mark Cuban on Blog Maverick explained the swicki: "Add their search engine to your site. They will rank results based on what actions people who search from your site take... and show results that maximize relevance to the sites' community."[6]

According to their chief executive officer, Steven Marder: "Eurekster pioneered vertical, social search..."[3]

The co-founder and chief scientist of Eurekster is Dr. Grant Ryan,[7] who is also the co-founder and chairman of Christchurch-based company, SLI Systems, who specialize in search engines that learns from the users.

In May 2006, Red Herring selected Eurekster as one of their favorite companies that push the technological limits in North America. Marder told WebProNews, "We are honored to have been selected by Red Herring for this prestigious award that serves as a testament to Eurekster's vision, technology and business model."[8]

Eurekster was, on 17 January 2007, announced one of the 100 best companies by AlwaysOn Media 100. The selection was made by focusing on "innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value creation, and media attention or 'buzz'"[9]


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