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EuroJet Turbo GmbH is a multi-national consortium, the partner companies of which are Rolls Royce of the United Kingdom, Avio of Italy, ITP of Spain and MTU Aero Engines of Germany. It is based in Hallbergmoos near Munich.

Eurojet GmbH was formed in 1986 to manage the development, production, support, maintenance, support and sales of the EJ200 turbofan engine for the Eurofighter Typhoon.[1] The original partners were Rolls-Royce, MTU, Fiat and Sener. Fiat's aircraft engine division was demerged and is now Avio. Sener's aircraft engine division is now ITP, with ownership split between Sener and Rolls-Royce.

Table 1 Eurojet GmbH organisation[2]
Partner company Development share Production share Responsibilities
Rolls-Royce 33% 34.5% Combustion system, high-pressure turbine and engine health monitoring system.
MTU Aero Engines 33% 30% Low pressure and high-pressure compressors, system design responsibility for the Digital Engine Control and Monitoring Unit
Avio 21% 19.5% Low-pressure turbine, reheat system, gearbox and air/oil system.
ITP 13% 16% Exhaust nozzles, jet pipe, exhaust diffuser, by-pass duct and external dressings.


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