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Coordinates: 51°31′13″N 0°07′59″W / 51.520340°N 0.133188°W / 51.520340; -0.133188

Havas London
Public Limited Company
Industry Advertising, marketing, public relations
Founded 2003
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Key people
Chris Hirst
(CEO of Europe and UK)
Daniel Floyed
(Managing Partner)
Gerry Moira
(Creative Chairman)
Tracey Barber
(Chief Marketing Officer)
Gareth Davies
Anthony Edwards
Yelena Gaufman
Lucy Powell
Michael Olaye
(Head of Tech.& Innovation)
Tony Clarke
(Digital Delivery)
Piyush Pankaj
Jamie Craven
Brian Beech
(MD Havas PR)
Number of employees
Parent Havas
Website [1]

Havas Worldwide London (formerly known as Euro RSCG London) is a London-based integrated advertising agency.[1] It is part of the Havas Worldwide network (formerly known as Euro RSCG Worldwide) network which has 316 offices located in 75 countries throughout Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

In September 2012 the Euro RSCG Worldwide network rebranded to Havas Worldwide.[2]

Key Clients[edit]

The agency works for global brands including Chivas Regal, Birds Eye, Reckitt Benckiser, Evian, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Unilever, Ideal Standard, Credit Suisse, Maggie's Centres, Mothercare and Mondelēz International.


Havas Worldwide London names Alethea Sibois as new head of business development [3]

Havas Worldwide London promotes Lucy Powell [4]

Havas Worldwide London announced Media Employer of the Year 2013 [5]

Recent Campaigns[edit]

Durex – ‘Explore’[6]

Used cutting edge dual screen technology to create the world's first synchronised dual screen film for the launch of Durex's new e-commerce website in the UK. When mobile device is pointed at the TV or computer screen where the advert is playing, the Durex Explore app synchronises automatically to reveal the film’s alternative view on the second screen.The integrated advertising campaign runs across TV, mobile, online, PR, print and social.

Ella's Kitchen – ‘Weany Weaning Restaurant’[7]

The world’s FIRST baby sensory restaurant created for Ella’s Kitchen. The Weeny Weaning Restaurant was designed for little ones to experience yummy new foods, tastes and textures, as part of the weaning journey. Research by Ella’s Kitchen revealed that exploring food with all of their senses helps little ones grow up to be good little eaters. With that in mind, Ella’s Kitchen Weeny Weaning Restaurant featured five fun sensory play zones for mini diners to explore before taking their seats to tuck in.

Chivas – ‘Here’s to Real Friends’[8]

Building on the success 'Live with Chivalry' Chivas campaign, 'Here's to Real Friends' celebrates the friendship stories of four Chivas guys whose wild, entertaining, shared experiences have made their friendship solid. Two short films, 'Here's to Big Bear' and 'Here's to Twinkle' were shot by Academy Award-winning director Joachim Back and premiered online at, Facebook and YouTube.

Loveflutter – Quirky Me’[9]

Although initial attraction may often be down to looks alone, Loveflutter recognises that successful dates are more likely to occur where personalities match. We helped them say ‘Bye Bye Boring Dating’ with this beautifully shot print campaign.

Clic Sargent – The Joke Appeal’[10]

‘The Joke Appeal’ calls on the great British public to donate, sponsor and share jokes for children and young people living with cancer. By creating exclusive content, launch films and a print campaign to drive the public to the user generated hub -

Durex – ‘Get in Sync’[11]

It's a widely accepted cultural truth that Men and Women are built differently and when it comes to sex, this is never more evident. The ‘Get in Sync’ campaign used TV and digital to launch Durex's latest product innovation, Performax Intense, designed to help couples be more in-sync during sex.

Citroën – ‘Footballet’[12]

Building on the international, creative platform of ‘The Refined, Redefined’ for Citroën, we created a new concept called ‘Footballet’ by combining the famously refined footballing skills of the Arsenal players with a different but equally athletic discipline using the principal dancers of the English National Ballet.

Unilever VO5 – ‘Pliktisijiteur Pageant’[13]

Building on the successful VO5 ‘Break The Mould' campaign our challenge was to take a winning creative formula and make it socially relevant. We created multiple and varied pieces of content for our target audience to discover and share. The story concerned an annual pageant in fictitious, remote Eastern Pliktisijiteur, where young men compete for the title of Mr Plikt. The campaign has been awarded 2 D&AD pencils in 2012.[14]

Credit Suisse – ‘Les Amis du Credit Suisse’[15]

Credit Suisse has a wide range of high profile sponsorship partners worldwide. To support the wider communications platform we launched the ‘Les Amis Du Credit Suisse’ app for the iPhone and the iPad to highlight the close relationship with these sponsorship partners and give the audience a richer experience with these activities.

Chivas – ‘Chivas Art of Hosting’[16]

Through a collaboration between Chivas and renowned party hosts Le Baron, ‘The Art of Hosting’campaign uses Le Baron’s expertise in hosting exclusive parties to help guide the modern gentlemen on how to entertain at home and host the perfect party.

Santander – ‘123’[17]

Santander UK developed the ground-breaking new 123 current account – the only current account in the market to give both cashback on household bills and interest on account balances. Our ‘Save When You Spend + Save When You Don’t’ campaign sees a new creative style and tone for the brand, focusing its communications on real people and their everyday realities.

Credit Suisse – ‘Metamorphosis’[18]

To mark Credit Suisse's sponsorship of a major new exhibition at the National Gallery we created a short film inspired by Titian's famous painting of Diana and Actaeon (Titian). 'Metamorphosis Titan 2012' is a groundbreaking multi-arts project - involving contemporary artists Chris Ofili, Conrad Shawcross and Mark Wallinger in a unique collaboration with The Royal Ballet.

Unilever VO5 – ‘Express Yourself’[19]

The haircare category is suffering from an attack of the clones. Generally brunettes with impossibly long, shiny tresses and no differentiating features. VO5 recognises that her hair is part of her individual identity and therefore wants to help her express the best of herself.

The campaign launched with an idea central to that individual identity, the ultimate tool for self-expression: music. Havas Worldwide London filmed three very different girls, with very different styles singing their own song. Each show how to get their look and encourage viewers to go to the Facebook page to share their own music and hairstyle.


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