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Euro Shopper
Industry Food retail
Founded 1996
Founder AMS Sourcing B.V.
Owner AMS Sourcing

Euro Shopper is a discount brand of everyday commodities developed and marketed by AMS Sourcing B.V.. It was introduced to the market in 1996 and branded products have been sold by some of the AMS members in different countries in Europe ever since.[1] In all stores owned by the Dutch Ahold group, all Euro-Shopper products are completely phasing out to become AH Basic.

Countries selling Euro Shopper in 2008.

Most Euro Shopper products are commodities with long shelf life. There are both national products, sold in only one country, and international products, sold in all countries. On 10 December 2012, sales of Euro Shopper products hit £150m.[2]

From April 2013 to 2014, Both ICA Sweden and Ahold are currently phasing out Euro Shopper branded products replacing them with their own brands, ICA Basic in Sweden and AH Basic in all countries where they have stores.[3][4]

Euro Shopper products

AMS members selling Euro Shopper branded products as of 2008[edit]

Chain: Country:
Albert Heijn (Ahold) Netherlands, Belgium, Curaçao, Germany
ICA AB Sweden, Norway
Esselunga Italy
Jeronimo Martins & Filhos SA Portugal
Kesko Finland
Hagar Iceland
Albert (Ahold) Czech Republic
Elomas LTD Greece
Premier Stores (Booker Group),

Morrisons (2016)

United Kingdom

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