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R-KLT Euro 600×400mm stackable container

A Euro container or KLT box (from German: Kleinladungsträger, “small load carrier”) is an industrial stacking container conforming to the VDA 4500 standard. The standard was originally defined by the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) for the automotive industry but subsequently adopted across many other areas of manufacturing and the shipping industry. The most common sizes are 600mm×400mm and 400mm×300mm and meaning that these stack easily on to a Euro-pallet measuring 1200mm×800mm.


Container heights (without feet)[1]
Type Stacking height increment (mm)
132.5(147.5 mm overall)
265(280 mm overall)

Eurocontainers are based around two standard heights of 147.5 millimetres (5.8 in) and 280 millimetres (11 in), including a 15 millimetres (0.6 in) overlap in the vertical direction—the height of the feet, or base, stacked into the lip of the box below:

Nominal (mm) Actual (mm) Internal (mm)[2]
300×200 297×198 243×162
400×300 396×297 346×265
600×400 594×396 544×364
800×600 800×600 752×552

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