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This is an article related to, a basketball news website, named similar to FIBA EuroBasket logo and its affiliated websites (,,, and are a group of global basketball websites covering 430 basketball leagues in 193 countries, making it the largest basketball website in the world.[1]

The website was opened in March 1997. Now the site is a group of 268 people from different countries, who provide information about all pro and semi-pro basketball around the World. Currently they cover basketball on all continents around the world, in all pro basketball leagues, semi-pro and many amateur leagues. They try to track all players and current news. The database has over 343,000 profiles of coaches and players with over 96,500 photos. Profile pages are updated daily. is the only website providing such wide range of information about global basketball. Since it started in 1997, they have grown to be the most popular web site about international basketball with traffic comparable only to In 2010, become a part of Sports I.T. Solutions, a Hong Kong-based IT company.[2]

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