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Euroblast Festival
Euroblast Logo.jpg
Official logo
Genre Progressive metal, avant-garde metal
Location(s) Cologne, Germany
Years active 10

The Euroblast Festival is a heavy metal music festival taking place in Cologne, Germany since 2008. The festival was initiated by close friends John Giulio Sprich and Daniel Schneider.


The Euroblast Festival, alongside the UK-Tech-Fest, has become the most important festival of the Modern Progressive Metal scene. Due to its distinct musical alignment and the singularity of its concept, top-class bands from almost all continents are part of the line-up and visitors arrive from all over the world. So far, musicians and spectators from 45 countries have taken part.

One important characteristic of the festival is its familiar atmosphere between musicians and audience. On all three festival days it is possible to participate in lively exchanges. Aside from the concerts, music workshops with band members are an integral part of the concept and, moreover, fairgrounds offer the chance for musicians to make contact with renowned companies of the scene. In addition, open jam sessions allow audience members to join musicians on stage which coins the interactive character of the festival. Numerous bands consider the Euroblast Festival to be the starting point of their careers. The festival promoters also organise tours for well-established bands with their Euroblast Label.


Towards the end of 2007 long-time friends John Giulio Sprich and Daniel Schneider decided – since there had not been a festival of this kind – to create their very own platform for innovative bands of the modern Rock and Metal genre. The two founders could rely on their experience as drummers in various bands when it came to the organisation of the first Euroblast Festival. As time passed, a committed team assembled around Sprich and Schneider and they also invited an increasing number of bands leading to a wide variety of musical styles on the following festivals. For instance, TesseracT, a non-famous and unsigned band at that time, played at the fourth holding of the festival in May 2009; it was their first concert outside Great Britain. Since music labels had started to notice the festival, several bands could sign record contracts in the course of their participation.

After the fifth issue of the festival in August 2009 it was determined to hold the festival in an annual rhythm from then on. In October 2010 the sixth holding took place in the Underground club in Cologne. When it came to the choice of bands, the organisers for the first time concentrated mainly on the innovative Djent movement, a recent form of progressive Rock and Metal.

Ever since the seventh issue of the festival in October 2011, which was the first one to last three day, the promoters have set up a yearly band contest in cooperation with the Internet platform The winning band is then scheduled to play on the following festival.

The eighth Euroblast holding took place in October 2012 and had been designed to last four days. The first two of which took place in the Cologne Underground and the remaining two in the Live Music Hall. After these four days, the bands Monuments, Vildhjarta, Jeff Loomis and Stealing Axion also went on a tour threw the whole of Europe organised by the festival promoters.

Ever since its ninth edition in 2013, the festival has been held in the Essigfabrik in Cologne. Amongst others, German band The Ocean and the Dutch group Textures had been confirmed as headliners. Furthermore, Swedish band Meshuggah had surprisingly also been announced as another headliner towards the end of July.

Shortly after the end of the ninth holding, however, the festival organisers announced that a new edition of the festival was hanging in the balance due to financial straits. It was vainly tried to receive monetary aids from the city of Cologne, the state of Rheinland-Pfalz or the European Union. Eventually, a crowdfunding campaign was initiated and provided the needed money for the Euroblast Festival in 2014. This edition then was so successful, it has decisively contributed to the globe-spanning popularity of the festival which helped to remove all obstacles for its future continuation.

Euroblast 11 was headlined by Between the Buried and Me, Cynic and The Algorithm accompanied by high-quality newcomers who at the Euroblast are always granted the chance to present their music to a compassionate audience. This concept has proven worthwhile at Euroblast 12, as well, with the headliners being Animals as Leaders, Born of Osiris, Veil of Maya and Enslaved. The feedback of this festival has been so positive, the creators announced the dates for the following Euroblast already; 29 September to 1 October 2017.


Datum Ort Besucher Line-Up Anzahl
Euroblast Vol. 1

24. Mai 2008

Bogen 2 250 Ad Astra, Bardoc, Begging for Incest, By Brutal Force, Debt of Nature, Demise Empire, Deus.Exe, Evidence of Fear, Neraia, Sayn, Thorn, Warfield Within 12
Euroblast Vol. 2

21. Juni 2008

Fabrik 250 A-Rise, Bloodwork, Devilsick, Indicator, Nektra, Skum 6
Euroblast Vol. 3

24. Januar 2009

Bogen 2 250 Abendland, Bloodattack, Damage Source, Decision to Defy, Devine Zero, Dew-Scented, Disörder, Findish Gloom, Lot, Obscura, Worldescape 11
Euroblast Vol. 4 – French Edition

23. Mai 2009

Bogen 2 250 Apron, Dagoba, Deus.Exe, Hacride, Kohatred, Nightshade, Nolentia, Project 13-5, Scorches of Dusk, Sideblast, TesseracT, Textures 12
Euroblast Vol. 5 – Grind Night

22. August 2009

Bogen 2 250 Act of Worship, Badoc, Begging for Incest, Centaurus-A, Decree of Hate, Fat Mans War Face, Guerilla (Band), Hordak, Ichor, Jack Slater, Karras, We Butter the Bread with Butter 13
Euroblast Vol. 6 – Got-Djent Edition

23. Oktober 2010

Bogen 2 300 Aliases, Chimp Spanner, Divine Temptation, Eryn Non Dae, Monuments, Nightshade, Syranic, Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta 10
Euroblast Vol. 7

21.–22. Oktober 2011

Underground 600 Afekth, The Algorithm, Aliases, Chimp Spanner, Cruentus, Destiny Potato, Devastating Enemy, Disconcrete, Disperse, Illucinoma, Kryn, Mnemic, Monuments, Panzerballett, Proghma-C, Shattered Skies, Subversion, Sybreed, Syranic, TesseracT, Textures, Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta, Visions, Xerath 25
Euroblast Vol. 8 – The Sound of Infinity

18.–21. Oktober 2012

18.–19.: Underground

20.–21.: Live Music Hall

1000 After the Burial, Agent Fresco, Akeldama, The Algorithm, The Amentia, Animals as Leaders, Bear, Betraeus, C.B. Murdoc, Chimp Spanner, CiLiCe, Circle of Contempt, Destiny Potato, Destrage, Deus.Exe, Eleonore, Exivious, Hacktivist, Halo in Pause, Humanity's Last Breath, In-Quest, The Interbeing, Jeff Loomis, Joncofy, Long Distance Calling, Means End, Modern Day Babylon, Monophonist, Monuments, Neosis, Nexus, Nightshade, No Consequence, Panzerballett, Red Seas Fire, Scar Symmetry, Shattered Skies, Skyharbor, Stealing Axion, Sybreed, TesseracT, Uneven Structure, V3ctors, Vildhjarta, War from a Harlots Mouth 45
Euroblast Vol. 9 – The Ninth Coming

11.–13. Oktober 2013

Essigfabrik 1000 [trap], The Agonist, The Algorithm, Aliases, Arecibo, Bear, Benea Reach, Cambion, Circles, Cyclamen, Dawn Heist, Deathember, Der Weg einer Freiheit, Disperse, Empathea, Ever Forthright, Feared, Fuck You and Die, GrandExit, Hacride, Hans Nieswandt, Heights, Hord, Humanity's Last Breath, Hypno5e, Invocation, Jcut, Kartikeya, Lifeforms, Meshuggah, Monuments, Mors Principium Est, Nexilva, No Consequence, The Ocean, The Omega Experiment, Overdown, Skyharbor, Tardive Dyskinesia, Textures, Third Ear, Threat Signal, Torrential Downpour, Twelve Foot Ninja, The Ulex, Uneven Structure, Vitja, Xerath 48
Euroblast Vol. 10 – X

2.–4. Oktober 2014

Essigfabrik 1200 Agent Fresco, The Algorithm, Animals as Leaders, Astral Display, Ayahuasca, Benevolent, Brutai, Carcer City, Chaosbay, Chimp Spanner, Cosmiterra, Defrakt, Destiny Potato, Dioramic, Drewif Stalin´s Musical Endeavors, Driven by Entropy, Exivious, Felix Martin, Fuck You And Die, Galaxy Space Man, Geist, Heart Of A Coward, The Heavy Metal Ninjas, Hollow My Eyes, Hypno5e, Inkarna, Kryn, Leprous, The Mars Chronicles, Modern Day Babylon, Monuments, Novelists, Now, Voyager, Ophelias Great Day, Placenta, Red Seas Fire, The Safety Fire, Secret Act, Shattered Skies, SikTh, Suasion, TesseracT, Time Has Come, Under The Pledge Of Secrecy, Uneven Structure, Vildhjarta, Voyager 46
Euroblast Vol.11

1.-3. Oktober 2015

Essigfabrik 1300 Between the Buried and Me Cynic, Monuments, Leprous, Haken, Soen, The Algorithm, Uneven Structure, Igorrr, The Intersphere, Hypno5se, Devil sold his Soul, Aeolist, Alaya, Aliases, Atmospheres, Beyond the Dust, Bilo – David Maxim Micic, Cyclamen, Defrakt, Destiny Potato, Destrage, DispersE, Eden Circus, Genuine Aspect, Heavy Metal Ninjas, Juggernaut, Kadinja, Klone, Koroded, Lights of Utopia, Modern Day Babylon, No Consequence, Obsydians, Onward with Love, Persefone, Pigeon Toe, Port Noir, Proghma-C, Pryapisme, Rendezvous Point, Sphere, Stömb, Tardive Dyskinesia, The Hirsch Effect, The Sun Explodes, Third Ear, Tides from Nebula, Trepalium, Vola
Euroblast Vol.12

30. September - 2.Oktober 2016

Essigfabrik 1500 A dark orbit, Aliases, All tomorrows, Amber sea, Anima Tempo, Animals as Leaders, Ayahuasca, Black Crown Initiate, Born of Osiris, Carcer City, Clawerfield, Cold night for alligators, Dead letter circus, Deadly circus fire, Disperse, Enslaved, Exist immortal, Ghost Iris, Grim van Doom, Heart of a Coward, Hibakusha, Humanity's last breath, Intronaut, Invivo, Jinjer, Masuria, Materia, Modern Day Babylon, Ne Obliviscaris, No Consequence, No sin evades his gaze, Novelists, Obsidian Kingdom, Oceans Ate Alaska, Oceans of Slumber, Omega Diatribe, Port Noir, Promethee, Shining, Sithu Aye, Skyharbor, Soon, Strains, The Interbeing, Verderver, Veil of Maya, Vola

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