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Formation 2004 by Planète Sciences, La La Ferté-Bernard, VM Production
Official language
English, French
Jean-Pierre Ledey

Eurobot is an international amateur robotics contest, created in 1998. It is open to teams of young people, organised either in student projects or in independent clubs. Eurobot takes place in Europe but also welcomes countries from other continents.

In 2008, 27 countries, represented by 400 teams, were involved in this science and technology contest, through its national qualifications and the international final that tooke place in Heidelberg ( Germany).

Summary of locations, results and themes[edit]

Year Place Theme 1st place 2nd place 3rd place 4th place Fair Play Price Link
1998  France: La Ferté-Bernard Football  France:IUT Ville d'Avray Archives 1998
1999  France: La Ferté-Bernard Castles  France:IUT Ville d'Avray Archives 1999
2000  France: La Ferté-Bernard Fun Fair  France:IUT Ville d'Avray Archives 2000
2001  France: La Ferté-Bernard Space Odyssey  France:IUT Ville d'Avray  Netherlands:Eindhoven University   Switzerland:CPLN Archives 2001
2002  France: La Ferté-Bernard Flying Billiards  France:IUT Ville d'Avray  Algeria:Blibot  France:Minitech Archives 2002
2003  France: La Ferté-Bernard Heads or Tails  France:X-Tech  France:D2R2 team  France:Supaéro Archives 2003
2004  France: La Ferté-Bernard Coconut Rugby  France:Supaéro   Switzerland:Team ID/EPFL  Netherlands:Bursting Balloons  Belgium: Helb - inraci Archives 2004
2005   Switzerland: Yverdon-les-Bains Bowling  France: Microb Technology  Czech Republic: R-Team  France: RCVA   Switzerland: Autelo Archives 2005
2006  Italy: Catania Golf  France: RCVA  Netherlands: TeamDare  Serbia: BVP-M86  Belgium: Helb - inraci Archives 2006
2007  France: La Ferté-Bernard Recycling  France: RCVA  Germany: TURAG  France: ClubElek  Belgium: Helb - inraci Archives 2007
2008  Germany: Heidelberg Mission to mars  France: RCVA  Belgium: Helb - inraci  France: ISTIA - IUT d'Angers  Spain: LSI-UC3M  Tunisia: Club Jeunes Science Monastir Eurobot 2008
2009  France: La Ferté-Bernard Temples of Atlantis  France: Microb Technology  Italy: UNICT Team   Switzerland: Dynamo Rapperswil  Norway: Lost Vikings
2010   Switzerland: Rapperswil-Jona Feed the world  France: RCVA  Germany: Roboterclub Aachen e.V.  Canada: ETS Montreal  France: uArt Eurobot 2010
2011  Russia: Astrakhan Chess'Up!  Austria: RRT  Italy: UNICT Team  Germany: TURAG   Switzerland: Scholar's Mate Eurobot 2011
2012  France: La Ferté-Bernard Treasure Island  France: RCVA  France: Space Crackers  Serbia: Memristor  Serbia: µly Eurobot 2012
2013  France: La Ferté-Bernard Happy Birthday  France: Université d'Angers  France: RCVA  Germany: Roboterclub Aachen e.V.  Belgium: Montefiore Team Eurobot 2013
2014  Germany: Dresden Prehistobot  France: RCVA  France: µART Alsace  Russia: DIMrobotics  Germany: DROF Eurobot 2014
2015   Switzerland: Yverdon-les-Bains Robomovies  France: RCVA  Germany: Roboterclub Aachen e.V.   Switzerland: BlackJacks  Serbia: µ Eurobot 2015
2016  France: Le Kremlin-Bicêtre The Beach Bots  France: RCVA  Serbia: MBS  Serbia: M41+   Switzerland: RCR Eurobot 2016

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