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TypeNetwork of cities
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200 member cities
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Burkhard Jung
Secretary general
André Sobczak

Eurocities is a network of large cities in Europe, established in 1986 by the mayors of six large cities: Barcelona, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Lyon, Milan, and Rotterdam. Today, Eurocities members include over 200 of Europe's major cities from 38 countries,[1] which between them represent over 130 million people.[2]

Eurocities is one of the major city networks in the EU. It is an example of how city diplomacy is seeking influence and prominence in the established world of international relations.[3] At the EU level, Eurocities promotes the implementation of the European Union's subsidiarity principle. This offers multiple opportunities to engage and influence EU initiatives and policies, especially on urban development and more recently the European Green Deal.[4] Eurocities is sometimes seen as an interest group more focused on re-establishing the power of the city over the nation-state, rather than connecting EU citizens across cities and borders. Recently, EU mayors of the network have tried to raise their global profile for their efforts to tackle climate change.[5]

Strategy and activities[edit]

Eurocities coordinates multiple projects in the field of mobility, environmental transition, social inclusion, and digital innovation.[6]

The Eurocities secretariat is based in Brussels, Belgium. The network is led by an executive committee composed of 12 elected cities and their mayors. The executive committee meets at least three times a year and oversees the annual work programme, internal rules and budget, as approved by the annual general meeting (AGM). Thematic work is coordinated in six forums and a number of related working groups covering, among other topics, culture, economic development, environment, knowledge society, mobility, and social affairs.

Eurocities activities include:

Advocacy: representing the voice of cities at EU level, to bring about change on the ground

Insights: Monitoring and communicating to cities the latest EU developments, funding opportunities, and trends affecting them

Sharing of best practices: Facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices between cities to scale up urban solutions

Training: develop the capacity to face current and future urban challenges

Membership criteria[edit]

Membership of Eurocities is open to any European city with a population of 250,000 or more. Cities within the European Union become full members, and other European cities become associate members. Local authorities of smaller cities, but with a population of more than 50,000 can become partners. Companies and businesses can become associated business partners.[7]


Full and associate members[1]
City State Population Membership
Aarhus  Denmark 335,684 Full member
Aix-Marseille-Provence[a]  France 1,886,842 Full member
Amsterdam  Netherlands 873,338 Full member
Angers Loire Métropole  France 301,245 Full member
Antwerp  Belgium 517,042 Full member
Athens  Greece 664,046 Full member
Banja Luka  Bosnia and Herzegovina 150,997 Associate member
Barcelona  Spain 1,604,555 Full member
Belfast  United Kingdom 532,928 Associate member
Belgrade  Serbia 1,166,763 Associate member
Bergen  Norway 278,121 Full member
Berlin  Germany 3,431,675 Full member
Białystok  Poland 295,459 Full member
Bilbao  Spain 345,141 Full member
Birmingham  United Kingdom 1,144,919 Associate member
Bochum  Germany 365,587 Full member
Bologna  Italy 389,009 Full member
Bonn  Germany 331,885 Full member
Bordeaux  France 246,586 Full member
BrabantStad  Netherlands 912,000 Full member
Braga  Portugal 181,494 Full member
Bratislava  Slovakia 421,801 Full member
Brighton and Hove  United Kingdom 277,103 Associate member
Bristol  United Kingdom 472,465 Associate member
Brno  Czech Republic 377,028 Full member
Brussels  Belgium 178,552 Full member
Brussels Capital Region  Belgium 1,191,604 Full member
Budapest  Hungary 1,759,407 Full member
Burgas  Bulgaria 211,033 Full member
Bydgoszcz  Poland 358,614 Full member
Cagliari  Italy 431,538 Full member
Cardiff  United Kingdom 362,400 Associate member
Chemnitz  Germany 243,105 Full member
Cluj-Napoca  Romania 324,576 Full member
Cologne  Germany 1,073,096 Full member
Constanța  Romania 283,872 Full member
Copenhagen  Denmark 799,033 Full member
Coventry  United Kingdom 345,324 Associate member
Debrecen  Hungary 202,402 Full member
Dortmund  Germany 586,852 Full member
Dresden  Germany 555,351 Full member
Dublin  Ireland 553,165 Full member
Düsseldorf  Germany 619,477 Full member
Edinburgh  United Kingdom 518,500 Associate member
Eindhoven  Netherlands 235,691 Full member
Espoo  Finland 281,886 Full member
Essen  Germany 579,432 Full member
Florence  Italy 383,083 Full member
Frankfurt  Germany 746,878 Full member
Gaziantep  Turkey 1,556,381 Associate member
Gdańsk  Poland 464,254 Full member
Genoa  Italy 580,097 Full member
Ghent  Belgium 262,219 Full member
Gijón  Spain 271,843 Full member
Glasgow  United Kingdom 621,020 Associate member
Gothenburg  Sweden 572,779 Full member
Grand Nancy[b]  France 260,665 Full member
Grenoble-Alpes Métropole  France 451,752 Full member
Hamburg  Germany 1,822,445 Full member
Hanover  Germany 534,049 Full member
Helsinki  Finland 648,650 Full member
Istanbul  Turkey 15,519,267 Associate member
İzmir  Turkey 4,367,251 Associate member
Karlsruhe  Germany 311,919 Full member
Katowice  Poland 297,197 Full member
Kharkiv  Ukraine 1,439,036 Associate member
Kiel  Germany 247,441 Full member
Kyiv  Ukraine 2,900,920 Associate member
Leeds  United Kingdom 784,800 Associate member
Leipzig  Germany 581,980 Full member
Lisbon  Portugal 505,526 Full member
Ljubljana  Slovenia 290,010 Full member
Łódź  Poland 687,702 Full member
London  United Kingdom 9,126,366 Associate member
Lublin  Poland 349,103 Full member
Luxembourg  Luxembourg 107,247 Full member
Lviv  Ukraine 727,968 Associate member
Lyon  France 513,275 Full member
Madrid  Spain 3,223,334 Full member
Málaga  Spain 571,026 Full member
Malmö  Sweden 312,012 Full member
Manchester  United Kingdom 545,500 Associate member
Mannheim  Germany 307,997 Full member
Marseille  France 870,731 Full member
Métropole Européenne de Lille  France 1,154,103 Full member
Milan  Italy 1,372,810 Full member
Munich  Germany 1,456,039 Full member
Münster  Germany 311,846 Full member
Murcia  Spain 447,182 Full member
Nantes  France 303,382 Full member
Newcastle upon Tyne  United Kingdom 480,400 Associate member
Nice  France 343,895 Full member
Nicosia  Cyprus 181,234 Full member
Novi Sad  Serbia 250,439 Associate member
Nuremberg  Germany 515,201 Full member
Odesa  Ukraine 1,016,515 Associate member
Oslo  Norway 673,469 Associate member
Oulu  Finland 202,753 Full member
Palermo  Italy 676,118 Full member
Paris  France 2,140,526 Full member
Pilsen  Czech Republic 306,000 Full member
Porto  Portugal 302,472 Full member
Poznań  Poland 537,643 Full member
Prague  Czech Republic 1,301,132 Full member
Reggio Calabria Metropolitan City  Italy 559,215 Full member
Rennes Métropole  France 444,723 Full member
Reykjavík  Iceland 128,830 Associate member
Riga  Latvia 615,369 Full member
Rome  Italy 2,872,800 Full member
Rotterdam  Netherlands 1,015,215 Full member
Rzeszów  Poland 189,662 Full member
Sarajevo  Bosnia and Herzegovina 275,524 Associate member
Seville  Spain 703,021 Full member
Sheffield  United Kingdom 577,800 Associate member
Skopje  North Macedonia 544,086 Associate member
Sofia  Bulgaria 1,238,438 Full member
Saint-Étienne Métropole  France 408,685 Full member
Stockholm  Sweden 960,031 Full member
Strasbourg  France 279,284 Full member
Stuttgart  Germany 632,743 Full member
Sunderland  United Kingdom 280,600 Associate member
Tallinn  Estonia 439,919 Full member
Tampere  Finland 234,441 Full member
Taranto  Italy 198,585 Full member
Tbilisi  Georgia 1,158,700 Associate member
Terrassa Metropolitan Area  Spain 410,000 Full member
The Hague  Netherlands 527,748 Full member
Thessaloniki  Greece 325,182 Full member
Timișoara  Romania 319,279 Full member
Tirana  Albania 557,422 Associate member
Toulouse  France 479,638 Full member
Turin  Italy 878,074 Full member
Turku  Finland 190,935 Full member
Uppsala  Sweden 210,000 Full member
Utrecht  Netherlands 345,080 Full member
Valencia  Spain 801,456 Full member
Valladolid  Spain 299,715 Full member
Vantaa  Finland 226,160 Full member
Varna  Bulgaria 335,854 Full member
Venice  Italy 260,897 Full member
Vienna  Austria 1,899,055 Full member
Vilnius  Lithuania 536,631 Full member
Warsaw  Poland 1,764,615 Full member
Wiesbaden  Germany 290,955 Full member
Wrocław  Poland 639,258 Full member
Yerevan  Armenia 1,075,800 Associate member
Zagreb  Croatia 802,588 Full member
Zaragoza  Spain 666,880 Full member
Zürich   Switzerland 409,241 Associate member
City State Population
Alcobendas  Spain 116,037
Almere  Netherlands 202,764
Amiens[c]  France 178,915
Arezzo  Italy 99,000
Beyoğlu  Turkey 254,000
Borlänge  Sweden 52,590
Bremen  Germany 527,900
Brest Métropole  France 210,000
Bruges  Belgium 118,284
Cesena  Italy 95,909
Derry-Strabane  United Kingdom 148,000
Dordrecht  Netherlands 119,115
Fuenlabrada  Spain 198,000
Grand Paris Sud  France 347,022
Grand Reims  France 298,000
Groningen  Netherlands 200,000
Guimarães  Portugal 158,124
Haarlem  Netherlands 157,000
Hagen  Germany 201,700
Heraklion  Greece 150,000
Kadıköy  Turkey 458,638
Karlstad  Sweden 87,000
Klaipėda  Lithuania 172,292
Kortrijk  Belgium 75,000
Kungsbacka  Sweden 80,000
Lahti  Finland 120,112
Le Havre  France 169,733
Leeuwarden  Netherlands 108,768
Leuven  Belgium 100,000
Linköping  Sweden 159,000
Logroño  Spain 151,113
Marousi  Greece 80,000
Metz  France 116,581
Mezitli  Turkey 180,000
Nacka  Sweden 100,000
Netwerkstad Twente  Netherlands 320,000
Osmangazi  Turkey 750,000
Ostend  Belgium 71,921
Pau  France 76,275
Pesaro  Italy 94,813
Rijeka  Croatia 128,624
Rubí  Spain 76,423
San Sebastián  Spain 186,665
Sipoo  Finland 19,235
Solna  Sweden 80,000
Saint-Nazaire  France 115,000
Stavanger  Norway 126,469
Treviso  Italy 85,760
Turkish Cypriot community of Nicosia  Cyprus 313,000
Umeå  Sweden 130,224
Valongo  Portugal 93,858
Wolverhampton  United Kingdom 236,400



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