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Euroconsumers logo
Euroconsumers logo

Euroconsumers: Consumer Organization in Europe, previously known as Conseur - European Consumers, is a private independent multinational corporation, based in Luxembourg,[1] that works in Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Luxembourg and Brazil, representing 1.5 million households.[2]

The main objectives of Euroconsumers are to promote and defend consumer interests, such as freedom of choice, access to information, education and justice, and right to health, safety and a healthy environment.

Euroconsumers is an umbrella for a number of national consumer organizations, co-ordinating their actions at a European level with regard to customers of airlines,[3] nutritional information on food packaging,[4] technology,[5][6] and social media.[7][8] Their class action lawsuit against Facebook led to a groundbreaking decision in an Italian regional court on the value of private data.[9]

Member organizations include:


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