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The Eurodusnie Collective is an anarchist collective based in Leiden, The Netherlands. It was established in 1997, against the background of an EU summit in Amsterdam. A small school was squatted for the purpose of holding a 'counter summit' as a protest over the official EU summit. From that, a more permanent anarchist project evolved.

Eurodusnie (which translates the Dutch as: "Euro? No way!" as well as being a pun on Eurodisney) currently runs a number of projects in Leiden, including a give-away shop, a vegan cafe and a magazine entitled 'Geen Paniek' (Don't Panic). Eurodusnie also convened the 2nd European Peoples' Global Action (PGA) conference in 2002.

At any given time, the Eurodusnie Collective counts between 10 and 20 active members. Nominally at least, it is a direct democratic initiative, which means decisions are taken on a consensual basis. In practise, Eurodusnie has been marred by in-fighting and internal strife and many people have joined and left the Collective over the years.


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