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GenreMusic, entertainment, reality television
Country of originEstonia
Original language(s)Estonian
No. of series15
Original networkERR
Original release20 February 1993 (1993-02-20) –
2 February 2008 (2008-02-02)
Followed byEesti Laul

Eurolaul (Eurosong) was an annual televised competition to select a song to represent Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest made by the Estonian Public Television Service ETV. For many years the competition differed from the national selections of most other countries in that the outcome was solely determined by an international jury. The rules were changed to entrust the Estonian public with the choice by means of televoting in 2004 (winner Neiokõsõ, second Kerli Kõiv) and 2005 (winner Suntribe), but due to the disappointing results in the ESC in those years there was a return to the former system in 2006. Eurolaul also selected Tanel Padar and Dave Benton's song "Everybody" in 2001, which went on to win the contest for Estonia.

In 2009, Eurolaul was discontinued after a long period of bad results for Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest and was replaced with a new contest entitled Eesti Laul (Estonian song).


Year Artist Title Final Points Semi Points
1993a Janika Sillamaa "Muretut meelt ja südametuld" Did not qualify 5 47
1994 Silvi Vrait "Nagu merelaine" 24 2 No semi-finals
1996 Maarja-Liis Ilus & Ivo Linna "Kaelakee hääl" 5 94
1997 Maarja "Keelatud maa" 8 82
1998 Koit Toome "Mere lapsed" 12 36
1999 Evelin Samuel & Camille "Diamond of Night" 6 90
2000 Ines "Once in a Lifetime" 4 98
2001 Tanel Padar & Dave Benton "Everybody" 1 198
2002 Sahlene "Runaway" 3 111
2003 Ruffus "Eighties Coming Back" 21 14
2004 Neiokõsõ "Tii" Did not qualify 11 57
2005 Suntribe "Let's Get Loud" 20 31
2006 Sandra Oxenryd "Through My Window" 18 28
2007 Gerli Padar "Partners in Crime" 22 33
2008 Kreisiraadio "Leto svet" 18 8

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