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Anthony Parker was a 2 time EuroLeague MVP (2005, 2006).

The EuroLeague MVP, or EuroLeague Full Season MVP, is the award bestowed to the player that is deemed to be the "Most Valuable Player" during the full season of the EuroLeague. The EuroLeague is the top-tier level European-wide men's professional club basketball league in Europe. The award has existed and been awarded by the EuroLeague since the 2004–05 season.[1] It was originally awarded for play that included the league's regular season, top 16 stage, and playoffs, and currently is awarded for play that includes the regular season and playoffs, as the top 16 stage was eliminated.

Selection criteria[edit]

The EuroLeague MVP award is the first and only full season MVP award that is voted on and given by the EuroLeague. Previous awards like the EuroLeague Regular Season and Top 16 MVP awards were only for individual phases of the season, with the original regular season MVP award being based on the PIR stat, rather than on an actual voting process. When the EuroLeague Full Season MVP award was created, those previous awards were phased out altogether, and were replaced by the EuroLeague MVP of the Month award.

The EuroLeague MVP award is based on a voting process. Currently, online fan voting represents 25% of the vote total for the MVP award, while media voting accounts for the remaining 75%. Team success is unofficially paramount during the selection process. Since established, the award has never gone to a player whose team did not reach the EuroLeague Final Four. It is nevertheless theoretically possible for that to occur in the future, as no rule stands against it. For example, players whose teams only made it to the top 16 stage of the competition (when it existed in the past), were nominated into the online fan voting every year, and some were selected to the All-EuroLeague First Team.

So far, Anthony Parker is the only player who has won the award twice. Other than Parker, all the other winners of the award have been Europeans.

EuroLeague Full Season MVP award winners (2005–present)[edit]

J.C. Navarro was the EuroLeague MVP in 2009.
Andrei Kirilenko was the EuroLeague MVP in 2012.
Vassilis Spanoulis was the EuroLeague MVP in 2013.
Sergio Rodríguez (#13 on the left, in white) was the EuroLeague MVP in 2014.
Nemanja Bjelica was the EuroLeague MVP in 2015.

Starting with the 2004–05 season, the EuroLeague officially began giving out its Full Season MVP award for the first time.[2] Unlike the previous EuroLeague Regular Season and Top 16 MVP awards, this award encompasses the full season of EuroLeague, up until the EuroLeague Final Four stage. Also, rather than being based on the PIR statistical formula, like the earlier EuroLeague Regular Season MVP award, the Full Season MVP award is based on a combination of online voting by fans and the media. The online fan vote comprises 25% of the vote total, while the media vote encompasses 75% of the vote total.

Season Position MVP Team Refs.
United States Anthony Parker Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv
United States Anthony Parker (2×) Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv
Greece Theo Papaloukas Russia CSKA Moscow
Lithuania Ramūnas Šiškauskas Russia CSKA Moscow
Spain Juan Carlos Navarro Spain FC Barcelona
Serbia Miloš Teodosić Greece Olympiacos
Greece Dimitris Diamantidis Greece Panathinaikos
Russia Andrei Kirilenko Russia CSKA Moscow
Greece Vassilis Spanoulis Greece Olympiacos
Spain Sergio Rodríguez Spain Real Madrid
Serbia Nemanja Bjelica Turkey Fenerbahçe Ülker
France Nando de Colo Russia CSKA Moscow
Spain Sergio Llull Spain Real Madrid

Multiple honors[edit]


Number Player
United States Anthony Parker
Eleven players

Player nationality[edit]

Number Country
Greece Greece
Spain Spain
Serbia Serbia
United States United States
France France
Lithuania Lithuania
Russia Russia


Number Team
Russia CSKA Moscow
Israel Maccabi Tel Aviv
Greece Olympiacos
Spain Real Madrid
Spain FC Barcelona
Turkey Fenerbahçe
Greece Panathinaikos

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