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Eurolines logo.svg
Eurolines Bova. AB 2009-5, Minsk, Belarus. ЕВРОЛАЙНС, Минск, Беларусь.jpg
Belintoustri Bova Futura
SloganYour connection across Europe
HeadquartersMetrologielaan 6, 1130 Brussels, Belgium[1]
Service areaEurope
Service typeTranscontinental coach services
Stops48 European cities
Annual ridership4 million
Operator29 coach companies

Eurolines Organisation is an international non-profit organisation according to Belgian law.[1] It operates a transnational network, connecting 600 destinations, covering the whole of Europe, plus Morocco.[2] It was founded in 1985. Its forerunner was the Europabus brand network created by the Union des Services Routiers des Chemins de Fer Européens (URF), 11 European compagnies, in 1951.[3]

Eurolines is a network of 29 co-operating coach companies from all over Europe offering partially integrated ticketing and extensive connections, rather than a single company. In January 2018, National Express withdrew from the Eurolines organisation, preferring to partner with OUIBUS. Eurolines headquarters are in Brussels. Some Eurolines operators choose to compete on certain routes rather than complement each other.[2]

Due to its decentralised approach, standards of service vary between countries. In some parts of Europe, notably the Baltic states (operated by Lux Express) and former Yugoslavia (operated by Lasta Beograd, Centrotrans, and others), Eurolines is a major method of travel between neighbouring countries. In other parts of Europe, international rail and air travel are more common and Eurolines coaches service a niche market of mainly overnight links.

Eurolines sell passes for unlimited travel between 48 European cities for either 15 or 30 days under the name Eurolines Pass.[4] These passes do not provide access to all services, and may make booking tickets at regional offices impossible.[citation needed] The decentralized approach also makes administrative support difficult.[citation needed]

Czech Republic[edit]

v ceskej republike, existuju several companies which use this mark:

  • Eurolines Česká republika spol. s r.o. (Eurolines ČR) is a small company owned by Naděžda Hofmannová, wife of entrepreneur Jan Hofmann, and established in 1996. Originally it really was a part of the Eurolines network. Nowadays, it operates one international line 000395 Praha (CZ) – Banská Bystrica (SK) in cooperation with a Slovakian company SAD BBDS. This company is considered to misuse the trademark[5] and is not mentioned among companies which represents Eurolines network.[6] However, none of the member companies of the real Eurolines network took any legal action against this company.
  • Touring Bohemia, s. r. o. (BOHEMIA EUROEXPRESS INTERNATIONAL, s.r.o. before 2007). The company was established in 1992, it became part of the Eurolines network in 1999.[7] However, later it claimed that it represents Eurolines just since 1992.[6]
  • Transdev Eurolines CZ, a. s. (Veolia Eurolines CZ, a.s before 2013, SODELI CZ, a.s. before 2007, SODELI CZ, s.r.o. before 2004). The company was established in 1999.


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