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Europa commonly refers to:

  • Europa (mythology), a Phoenician princess in Greek mythology, from whom the name of the continent Europe is taken
    • Europe, the continent, elliptically referred to as "Europa"
  • Europa (moon), one of Jupiter's largest moons, named after the Phoenician noblewoman

Europa may also refer to:

Mythical characters[edit]

  • Europa, an Oceanid, daughter of the deities Oceanus and Tethys
  • Europa, daughter of the earth-giant Tityas and mother of Euphemus by Poseidon


  • Europa of Macedon, the daughter of Philip II by his last wife, Cleopatra
  • Madama Europa, the nickname, or perhaps the real name, of Europa Rossi (fl. 1600), sister of the Jewish violinist and composer Salamone Rossi


In entertainment[edit]

In film and television[edit]

  • The Europa trilogy, a 1984–1991 film trilogy by Danish director Lars von Trier
    • Europa (film), the final film in said trilogy, released as Zentropa in North America
  • Europa Report, a 2013 science fiction film by Ecuadorian director Sebastián Cordero.
  • Prix Europa, Europe's largest annual tri-medial (television, radio and online) festival and competition
  • Europa Europa, a 1990 film directed by Agnieszka Holland

In gaming[edit]


In music[edit]

In sports[edit]

  • NFL Europa (formerly NFL Europe and World League of American Football), an American football competition from 1991 until 2007
  • UEFA Europa League, the second most important European competition for UEFA-eligible football clubs
  • CE Europa, a Spanish sports club based in Barcelona

In transportation[edit]


  • Europa rocket, an early expendable launch system project of the European Launcher Development Organisation
  • Air Europa, the third largest airline in Spain
  • Europa Aircraft, a light-aircraft kitplane company based in the UK





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