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EuropaPark logo.svg
The entrance of the park
Location Europa-Park-Straße 2
Rust, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 77977
Coordinates 48°16′06″N 7°43′15″E / 48.26833°N 7.72083°E / 48.26833; 7.72083Coordinates: 48°16′06″N 7°43′15″E / 48.26833°N 7.72083°E / 48.26833; 7.72083
Owner EUROPA – PARK Freizeit- und Familienpark Mack KG
Opened 12 July 1975; 42 years ago (12 July 1975)
Operating season April to early January
Visitors per annum 5.5 million (2015)
Area 950,000 m²
Total 72
Roller coasters 13
Water rides 11

Europa-Park is a theme park and the largest in Germany, and the second most popular theme park resort in Europe, following Disneyland Paris.

Europa-Park is located in Rust, in south-western Germany, between Freiburg and Strasbourg, France.

The park is home to 13 roller coasters, the oldest being Alpenexpress Enzian, a powered coaster that speeds through a diamond mine, and the newest coaster being the Ba-a-a Express, a small kiddie roller coaster. Europa-Park has very high capacity roller coasters and attractions meaning the park can accommodate up to approx. 60,000 guests per day. It counted just over 5.5 million visitors in 2015[1], generating an estimated total revenue of EUR 30 million per year.

It is also the location of the Euro Dance Festival.


Background and founding[edit]

The entrance to Europa-Park.

Europa-Park is run by the Mack family, which have produced vehicles since 1780, circus wagons since 1880 and rollercoasters since 1921. Franz Mack (1921–2010) in 1958 took over the family firm, Mack GmbH & Co (now Mack Rides), together with his brothers. Together with his son Roland (b. 1949) he visited the USA in 1972 and was inspired to open a theme park in Germany, as an exhibition site for his company's products.[citation needed]

At first the park was planned to be located in Breisach. It was named "Europa-Park" after Breisach's nearby Europaweiher, a small artificial lake which commemorates a historical pilot poll in Breisach held in 1950, in which 95.6% of voters were in favour of European unification. The Breisach site was deemed unsuitable because of flooding hazard, and the project was moved some 30 km further north, where the Macks bought the park of the historical Balthasar castle in Rust.[citation needed]

The park opened in 1975 with an area of 16 hectares. It counted 250,000 visitors in the first year, 700,000 in the second, passing the million mark in 1978.[citation needed]

Themed areas and growth (1980s–2012)[edit]

Overview of the park, showing themed areas such as Griechenland.

The first country-themed section was "Italy", opened 1982. Like most of the original themed areas at Europa-Park, it was designed by Ulrich Damrau. The Alpenexpress "Enzian" and Schweizer Bobbahn rides opened in 1984 and 1985, respectively. The "Europe" theme was pursued further with the opening of "Holland" (1984), "England" (1988), "France" (1990), "Scandinavia" (1992) and "Spain" (1994) sections.[citation needed]

Visitor count passed the 2 million mark in 1991.[citation needed] The development of the hotel resort began in 1995 with El Andaluz, followed by Castillo Alcazar in 1999.[citation needed]

By the year 2000, the number of visitors had risen to 3 million, and the hotels had been booked to nearly 98% of their capacity. The park opened during the winter season for the first time in 2001/2. The current logo was registered in 2003.[2]

In 2011, there were 4.5 million visitors, and by 2012 the park encompassed an area of 90 hectares, featuring eleven roller-coasters, five themed hotels with a turnover of close to EUR 300 million and more than 3,000 employees.[citation needed] In 2012, Roland Mack announced investments in excess of EUR 60 million, the largest yearly investment in the park's history.[3] The total sum invested in the park is estimated at close to EUR 700 million.[citation needed]

Recent developments[edit]

Ed Euromaus, the park mascot developed by MackMedia, had 4D films based on his character in 2011 and 2015.

For 2017, Europa-Park have developed land adjacent to the park entrance for the new 'Voletarium'. The attraction is a highly themed flying theatre – the biggest in Europe. It features an immersive queue line featuring multiple pre-show elements culminating in the main ride section: a film showcasing European landmarks which lasts for nearly 5 minutes. Voletarium opened on June 3rd, 2017. The ride is the most expensive single ride investment to date at the park and also features catering outlets, a shop and toilet facilities in the plaza for the ride.

For 2018/2019, Europa-Park are building a major water park and hotel, located 1 km (0.62 mi) away from the theme park, on the road between Europa-Park and the A5 Motorway. I and will cost approximately €140 million and is under construction at present.[citation needed]

It is currently unknown what plans are in place for the theme park in 2018 or 2019.

Roland Mack has also stated he wishes to develop a high speed ICE rail link to make access to the resort easier.[citation needed]

Accommodation and transportation[edit]


The monorail

Among other features, in 1990 the park installed a monorail system, the EP Express. It was partially extended in 2016 in order to provide additional space for development in 2017.

Europa-Park Resort.[edit]

Europa-Park is home to five resort hotels. For guests on a lower budget, the resort also has a large Camp Resort, where guests can stay in a Tipi, Chuck Wagon or Log Cabin provided they bring their own sleeping bag. Camping and caravaning is also provided for, next to the Camp Resort.[citation needed]

  • Hotel Colosseo (four star superior), themed around the Roman Colosseum and features a fountain show created by French company Aquatique Show International
  • Hotel Santa Isabel (four star superior), themed around a Portuguese Monastery
  • Hotel El Andaluz (four stars), themed as a Spanish Villa
  • Hotel Castillo Alcazar (four stars), themed as a Spanish Finca
  • Hotel Bell Rock (four star superior), themed around New England and features a lighthouse
Features[citation needed]
  • Guesthouse Circus Rolando (Closed as of 2016)
  • Europa-Park Camp Resort and Tipi Village
  • Santa Isabel Wellness and Spa
  • Colosseo Wellness and Spa
  • Boston Red Socks Fitness and Spa
  • Europa-Park Golf (Located 15 minutes away by car)
  • Magic Cinema 4D
  • Confertainment Facilities
  • Europa-Park Dome

Open times and events[edit]


Euro Dance Festival, located annually at Europa-Park since 2007, is best known for its wide range of music and dancing styles. These are Ballroom Dance, Argentine Tango, Swing Dance, Hip Hop and Breakdance. A combination of dancing classes and shows and a trade fair caters for the needs of both beginners and professionals including dance instructors and choreographers. Since its foundation it has taken place for four days every year in early spring.[4]

Europa-Park host dozens of events throughout the summer season. The biggest of these include the Midsummer Party, when the theme park hosts a fireworks display and is open until midnight. Horror Nights takes place through October evenings and features a range of halloween horror mazes, rides and shows. For the last week of the main season, the park hosts a daily firework show and music production.[citation needed]

Times and open attractions

During the main summer season, the park opens at 9:00 am and closes from 6:00 pm. Closing time is extended by up to 3 1/2 hours, depending on how busy the park is. This is usually the case on weekends and holiday periods. The park opens selected rides 30 minutes early for hotel guests.[citation needed]

Europa-Park has opened for winter since 2001, and it is widely believed the park will gradually extend opening so that it is opened year round. A small number of rides, including Silver Star are closed in winter due to the weather, although from the 2012–2013 winter season, Blue Fire was added to available attractions – so long as weather permits. Wodan was also added from the 2014–2015 winter season. Such a philosophy of only operating certain rides during winter is commonplace amongst most theme parks in Europe, as temperatures can often dip below freezing. Most water rides are also closed, including Poseidon, Fjord Rafting, Tirol Log Flume and Atlantica Super Splash. The park does compensate for the loss of these rides however, with additional experiences such as the Bellevue Observation Wheel, Snow Tubing and Skiing. Show times are also extended and the park is fully decorated.[citation needed]

During the winter season, the park opens at 11:00 am and closes at 7:00 pm. The park opens selected rides 1 hour early for hotel guests. Although the park does extend closing time if it's busy, this doesn't happen as often in the winter seasons, partly due to low temperatures in the evening.[citation needed]

Themed areas[edit]


  • African Queen - A boat ride around the lake
  • Jungle Rafts - A tow boat / dark ride through an African settlement
  • Water Playground

ARTHUR - In the Minimoys Kingdom[edit]

  • ARTHUR – Inverted dark ride/powered rollercoaster.
  • Mul-Muls Carousel – A Zamperla jump around.
  • Poppy Towers – A Zierer family free fall tower.
  • Root Slides – Slides.


  • Alpenexpress Enzian – Powered roller coaster which is themed like a mine train roller coaster and, after a brief encounter with some hungry bears, includes a trip inside the World of Diamonds (which can also be viewed by foot). Makes two trips through its relatively short course to form a complete run, or three on a quiet day.
  • Playground Würmchen Wies'n
  • Tiroler Log Flume – A traditional log flume ride through the World of Diamonds.
  • Vienna Wave Swing – A chairswing ride.


  • Arena of Football - Be Part of It! – A football exhibition, sports bar and Adidas shop.
  • The British Carousel
  • Crazy Taxis – A demolition derby carousel ride.
  • London Bus – A magic carpet ride.
  • Panorama Train Station Paddington – Also has stations in other areas.
  • The Queen's Diamonds – Laser experience.
  • Silverstone Race Track – A go-kart ride through English gardens.
  • Soccer Bumper Cars – Dodgems ride located in the Arena of Football - Be Part of It!
  • Water Lane


  • 4D Magic Cinema – A large 4D cinema venue currently showing "The Time Carousel", a custom film made by MackMedia for the park.
Silver Star at Europa-Park
  • Eurosat - CanCan Coaster – Indoor coaster. Located inside a large geodesic sphere structure, similar to Spaceship Earth at Walt Disney World's Epcot. The ride itself is similar to Disney's Space Mountain, except that the train is made up of many more cars, and it features a spiral lift hill. The ride's techno soundtrack was composed by Stark Fader, with "In A Second Orbit" being the song that plays during the ride and "Sat Race" being the song in the gift shop. This ride was closed at the end of the summer season 2017 for a complete refurbishment including entirely new track. The new version is scheduled to open in 2018 and will feature a Coastiality experience in addition to the normal ride.
  • Euro-Tower – An observation tower.
  • Mercedes-Benz Hall – Small-size museum that features a full-scale replica of a Mercedes-Benz Formula One car.
  • Madame Freudenreich Curiosités – A dinosaur themed dark ride.
  • Old 99 Circus Parade – A tracked ride with a circus theme, including a climatic encounter with a jazz band of garish animals.
  • Silver StarHypercoaster and Europe's third highest and fifth fastest roller coaster, standing 239 ft tall with a top speed of 78 mph. Built by Bolliger and Mabillard, of Switzerland. One of the few non-Mack rides featured at the park, presumably because Mack didn't feature a hypercoaster model at the time.


  • Elf Ride – A boat ride with a dark ride section.
  • EP Express Station - Alexanderplatz – A monorail. Also has stations in Greece, Spain and Hotel Resort.
  • Panorama Train Station Germany – Also has stations in other areas.
  • Puppet Boat Ride – Circular boats travel through scenes of puppets moving.
  • Vintage Cars – A car ride.
  • Voletarium - A flying theatre.


Panoramic image of Water Rollercoaster Poseidon
  • Atlantis Adventure – Interactive dark ride.
  • Cassandra's Curse – A mad house type indoor illusion ride with special effects.
  • EP Express Station - Olymp
  • Flight of Icarus – A balloon ride.
  • Pegasus - The YoungStar Coaster – Family coaster cleverly themed around an archeological dig.
  • Water Rollercoaster Poseidon – High-speed water coaster with incredibly detailed theming, such as the Trojan Horse, and the station being located inside a recreated Acropolis temple.

Grimm's Enchanted Forest[edit]

  • Cinderella
  • Doctor Know-All – Walkthrough.
  • Dwarf City – Kids fairytale ride.
  • Enchanted Forest Cinema in Grimm's Library
  • Fairy Tale Gallery
  • The Frog King
  • The Golden Goose – Animatronic display.
  • Hansel & Gretel – Walkthrough.
  • Mother Hulda – Animatronic display.
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Rapunzel – Animatronic display.
Sleeping Beauty's Castle
  • Sleeping Beauty's Castle – Walkthrough.
  • The Valiant Little Tailor – Walkthrough.
  • The Wishing Table...


  • blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROMLaunched roller coaster with several inversions, onboard sound and unique restraint system. Includes various headchopper effects and a dark ride section with a variety of special effects.
  • GAZPROM Theme World - The Wonder of Energy – Exhibition hall featuring interactive exhibits about the world of gas supply. Comprises a café-bar, toilets and conference facilities.
  • Lítill Island - Hansgrohe Water Playground – Interactive water playground sponsored by Hansgrohe.
  • Whale Adventures – Northern Lights – Splash battle interactive water ride with animatronic theming and themed fishing port.
  • WODAN – Timburcoaster – Wooden coaster built by Great Coasters International, featuring a heavily themed, detailed queueline.

Ireland – Children's World[edit]

  • Ba-a-a Express – Children's rollercoaster.
  • BIG-Bobby-Car Parcours
  • Dancing Dingie – A spinning boat.
  • Dingle Bay
  • Old Mac Donald's Tractor Fun – A sit down tractor ride.
  • Paul's Playboat
  • Sheep Rock – A small water carousel.
Spinning Dragons
  • Spinning Dragons – A carousel ride.
  • Quipse Paddle Boats – A children's rowing boat ride.
  • Tower Tow – A tower ride for children.



  • Historama – Museum – A multimedia journey into the history of the park with special effects.
  • Monorail – Transport ride.


  • Ball Pool
  • Flying Dutchman – A carousel ride.
  • Koffiekopjes – A spinning coffee cup ride.
  • Mini Scooters – A kiddie bumper car ride.
  • Pirates in Batavia – A boat ride, indoor pirate dark ride featuring a drop and multiple effects.
  • Red Baron – A carousel ride.
  • Rocking Bridge & Chute


The high-speed water ride Atlantica SuperSplash
  • Atlantica SuperSplash – a high-speed water ride themed around Portuguese explorers. The boats are a higher capacity than Poseidon, and it doesn't feature any high speed turns as on Poseidon, but still has enough time on the coaster track that it can be considered a roller coaster.
  • Casa da Aventura – Home of the Quipse – An indoor-playground for kids.


Outside the Euro-Mir roller coaster in the Russia area.
  • Euro-Mir – A one-of-a-kind, high-speed, Mack steel track spinning roller coaster, based around Russian space missions. The spinning is controlled and only happens during some parts of the ride. The ride features indoor dark ride elements, back-to-back seating, an indoor spiral lifthill, a techno soundtrack, and one of the longest ride times of any roller coaster. The Mir space station training module is located above the outdoor queue for the ride.
  • Lada Autodrom – A car ride for younger guests (it is, in essence, similar to Silverstone Race Track, but for younger children).
  • The Mir Space Station
  • Panorama Train Station Russia
  • Russian Handicraft – Craftsmen at work with glass blowing and pottery.
  • Snowflake Sleigh Ride – A short dark ride through a Siberian landscape. The ride features a Russian folklore theme.


  • Andersen's Fairy Tale Tower
  • Fjord-Rafting including the world of trolls – A river rapids ride.
  • Rocking bridge and wobbling boat
  • Sunken City Vineta – A small walkthrough.
  • Vindjammer – A swinging ship ride.


  • Adventure Playground
  • EP Express Station - Spain
  • Feria Swing – A spinning, high-speed carousel ride.
  • Kolumbusjolle – A seastorm ride, which travels backwards and forwards.
  • Panorama Train Station Spain – Also has stations in other areas.


  • Jungfrau Glacier Flight – A high speed spinning plane ride.
  • Matterhorn Blitz – Wild mouse roller coaster themed around a Swiss farmhouse.
  • Schellen-Ursli House – A Bell for Ursli
  • Swiss Bob Run – A bobsled roller coaster and one of the few ones of this model to feature a regular style drop.

Roller coasters[edit]

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