Europa Advance Batteries

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Europa Advance Battery
Part of Fortifications of Gibraltar
1890s G Washington Wilson - Europa Advance Battery.jpg
Europa Advance in the 1890s (by George Washington Wilson)
Europa Advance Battery is located in Gibraltar
Europa Advance Battery
Europa Advance Battery
Coordinates 36°07′02″N 5°20′31″W / 36.117356°N 5.341952°W / 36.117356; -5.341952
Type Artillery batteries
Site information
Owner Government of Gibraltar

Europa Advance Batteries were a group of three artillery batteries in the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar. They are located north east from Europa Point.[1]


The group of batteries are located east of Europa Advance Road north west of Europa Point at the southern end of Gibraltar. Europa had been the site of earlier Spanish and Moorish fortifications as well as those constructed by the British which included walls, scarping and the batteries. (The definition of an advance battery is that is outside the main defended area but it is close enough to be offered support from the weapons of the main fortification.) Europa Pass Battery, Europa Battery, Eliott's Battery, Harding's Battery, Half Way Battery, Lighthouse Battery, Lady Louisa's Battery and Woodford's Battery were all supported by a local barracks.[2]


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