Europa Group Towers

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Europa Group Towers
General information
Status Under construction
Location Bucharest, Romania
Coordinates 44°26′50″N 26°02′36″E / 44.447279°N 26.0433323°E / 44.447279; 26.0433323Coordinates: 44°26′50″N 26°02′36″E / 44.447279°N 26.0433323°E / 44.447279; 26.0433323
Construction started 2006
Opening 2011
Cost US$ 60,000,000
Owner Europa Group Investment
Roof 70 m (230 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 23
Floor area 27,500 m2 (296,000 sq ft)

Europa Group Towers is a future residential project in Bucharest.

Having the entire built surface of 55,000 square meters, in a very special, relaxant, silent zone in south-west part of Bucharest nearby Morii Lake, just 5 km from Unirii Square and with easy access to northern areas of the city, those two sky line buildings are to become conspicuous on Romanian Real Estate Market, by its outstanding appearance, as well as by its special endowments and facilities.

Due to the project position and the way it has been conceived, Europa Group Towers has not only the capacity to shelter numerous luxury apartments, commercial spaces, parking, an extraordinary green area but also a very special sight.

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